Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

A lot of people get locked phones from carriers since they are cheaper at first, even though they are more expensive in the long run. Locked Galaxy Note 5 phones get a lot of bloatware and limitations from the network service providers. So we will help you decide whether or not you should unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

1. You can unlock your Galaxy Note 5 from anywhere

Using an online service like SafeUnlockCode, you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from your home, your workplace or any other location with internet access. Unlocking your phone through an online service is better because it’s cheaper than getting your phone unlocked by a network and it’s faster than unlocking it at a local shop. The unlock process through online services takes less than 5 minutes.

2. You can use any network with an unlocked Galaxy Note 5

If you unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you will be able to use it with any other SIM card. That means if you bought your locked phone from AT&T, after unlocking it you will be able to use it on O2, T-Mobile and every other carrier out there.

3. You can use your Galaxy Note 5 from any location

Other than limiting users to their network, carriers usually limit them to certain locations too. So any locked Galaxy Note 5 can’t use their services from some locations that the carrier chooses. Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is especially beneficial to people who travel a lot.

4. An unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 5 gets faster updates

Usually, when the new Android version rolls out, every smartphone gets it right away if it’s eligible. But network service providers lock their phones and delay the updates, so they don’t get any unexpected problems with their software or services. Usually, it takes months for the carrier to test out the new update, adapt their software and only then they allow the customers to install the new update.

5. You can remove the pre-installed apps

Carriers install their apps on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 before selling it to you and they don’t give you permissions for removing them. If you unlock your phone, you will be able to remove the pre-installed apps and use a better, free alternative from the thousands of choices from the Play Store.

6. Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is legal

A bill that makes unlocking a phone legal got signed a while back. So that means there are no risks involved, and official companies and carriers can unlock your phone for you officially. Unlocking your Samsung smartphone should not be confused with unlocking a bootloader, which means installing a custom mod like Cyanogenmod, which is legal but will terminate any warranty or contract deals.

7. An unlocked Galaxy Note 5 gets sold faster

Because of all the benefits that come with an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 5, people usually look for unlocked ones. Unlocked Samsung smartphones get sold quicker and for a higher asking price, which is expected considering that unlocking a Note 5 costs some money.

After all these points, the conclusion of whether or not you should unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is that you should. There are lots of benefits to unlocking your phone, and if you are even in a dilemma of buying a locked smartphone vs. an unlocked one, you should buy the unlocked one.


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