Apple iPad Pro Review – Bigger is Better

iPad has always offered a uniquely simple design with the best hardware. They were never failed to make their product, one of the best. The simple and elegant finish of the apple products is always chosen as a symbol of the Richness and Royalty. They are well managed to give the royal look to their products. Apple is a company, which always paying attention in producing high-quality products. That’s why the company is chosen by millions of users all over the world. Not only the iPad’s but each and every product manufactured by apple has their own credibility and importance in the tech world.

Apple iPad Pro Review – Bigger is Better

The iPad family is ready to welcome the new member. The new member in iPad series named iPad Pro is ready to launch for a Price of $799 (For the 32GB Model). This High price is completely Up to its quality. So it is not a waste of money. Apple sells this Valuable product for the High Price they set for it. The iPad Pro has already made its debut in the tech world. The high competition doesn’t affect the popularity of the iPad Pro. Apple has reviewed the product as “Thin.Light.Epic“. As the words say, The Brand new iPad pro is Thinner, Lighter and Always Epic in both Style and Performance.

iPad series had never compromised the Performance. The High performance ‘A’ series chip, Specially designed for apple products had always given a Great lag free performance to the apple products. Apple is making their products thinner and lighter every time. We are all loving thinner tabs and smartphones than the thicker one. And we are loving Lighter Devices than the Heavier one. Apple knows our mind or the mind of the millions of Users all around the world. Thus, they are always making their technologies more suitable for the Users. Now we can look into the Apple iPad Pro Review.



Apple iPad Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

After the success of the Previous iPad models, Apple had a long time to decide what to do next. They were spent a lot of time for their Brand new product. For a change, apple had introduced the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch large Display. But that is not too big, I think. Gamer’s and Video nerds always love larger display’s. The size of the display makes the visual effects more enhanced. The Display is 78% larger than the iPad Air 2 model. The huge display makes a sense to each and every pixel on the screen. The Display can tell you more with the high resolution of 2732×2048. The 5.6 million pixels on the screen can express all details very clearly. Different from the previous iPad Models, Apple had taken all the changes to make their product bigger and Better.

The iPad Pro is available in 3 different colors. Silver, Gold and Space Grey. the shining apple logo on the back gives a better Visual beauty to the product. The Device is only 6.9 mm thicker. I wonder, How can they make it thinner every time. How can the product consist of these huge performance peripherals inside this 6.9 mm body!. Quite impressive. “Technology is just Brilliant and Apple is More”. iPad Pro is a little heavier than the previous iPad models. It is 713 grams heavy. Having a 78% more area than the iPad Air 2, But only have a little difference in the weight! Quite amazing. You can use it as a Small Portable PC even You can experience something more than a PC. It’s versatility makes it a more useful than any other similar products on the market.

Apple has reinvented almost everything for the new iPad Pro. They had introduced a brand new smooth and elegant keyboard. The smooth design of the keyboard provides a better typing experience. The keyboard can be attached and detached with the iPad easily. The magnetic connector between them acts very fast to give the best results out of it.

As any other iPad devices, The Gorgeous buttons are placed on the side of the device. It gives a classy feel to the beautiful iPad body. It’s a dream device of any tech geeks. The uncompromised performance combined with the exceptional beauty gives a great feel while using the iPad Pro.

The Apple Ipad Pro uses 4 HD audio output devices. Apple says that it can give 61% more Volume than the previous iPad models. Not only the Volume but also High quality is provided by the latest Audio technology used by Apple. The Camera is placed in a side of the back cover alongside with the Microphones. I just love apple cameras because they provide the best quality than any other Devices. They use some different techniques in their cameras. As any other iPad models, apple Used the Touch ID Technology in the iPad Pro model also. The highly sensitive Touch ID sensors are placed on the Home screen button as usual. This provides a better security to your apple product. You can access your device by just placing your thumb on the Home Button.


Apple iPad Pro Review: Display

Apple always uses the Retina Displays to give their product a clearer User interface. Unlike any other iPad models, iPad Pro is introduced with a large 12.9‑inch screen with 5.6 million pixels and 264 PPI (Pixels per Inch). The display has a resolution of 2732×2048 pixels. The iPad Pro screen is 70% bigger than that of the iPad Air 2 model. The giant change in display had also made a giant change in the clarity also. The 5.6 million pixels used gives a detailed Visual experience. You will get a lifelike experience while Watching some videos or while playing some games.

The Display uses The LED-backlit widescreen Multi-Touch technology to provide better Brightness and contrast. The anti-reflective coating of the Screen helps to protect our eyes from Dangerous radiations. The screen is specially designed to resist the unnecessary finger marks on the screen. Sometimes we may use the device with an oily hand or a dusty one. This doesn’t affect the screen anymore. The latest Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating can protect your screen from all those problems. The Screen is fully laminated to provide an extra layer of security to the iPad Screen.

Apple iPad Pro is the heaven of the Gamer’s. The Ultimate Full HD display alongside with The most powerful hardware will give a disturbance free gaming experience in your Playing rooms. You can enjoy the Visual joy-ness of the games. You will never miss any of the Valuable Gaming moments. The display supports 4K video editing. You can enjoy the power of 4k in your iPad. Apple Pencil is the latest device introduced by apple alongside with the iPad pro. The device let you make pixel perfect and precise touches on your screen. The smoothness of the nib makes sure the protection of the screen. The Apple pencil can touch your screen smoother than your hands and the Greatly Engineered device can perform precisely than your hands.


Apple iPad Pro Review: Hardware and OS Performance

As you seen on so many articles. I am repeating my words. ‘Hardware is the most important part of any Device’. Without some good hardware peripherals, Any products are some piece of wastes. Apple has this theory in their mind and always trying to keep it fulfilled. The Hardware Used in apple products is always specially designed for them. Each one of them, From The tiny Microphone to the Larger Screen. All of them are carefully engineered and analysed by experts to make it perfect.

The iPad Pro is the best ever iPad made by apple. Apple has made so many changes in Hardware of the product as well as in the Design. We can say that ‘The CPU is the heart of any device’. Apple iPad Pro has a heart of The latest and most advanced A9X chip. The ‘A’ series chips are the widely used and the most famous high-class CPU in the world. The 64-bit CPU can perform faster than any other CPU which uses the 32-bit technology. The Device is set up to give the Performance of a Desktop. It can provide the same performance as a PC or even more. Apple, Their self-says that ‘The new iPad Pro is 1.8 times faster than the iPad Air 2’. The M9 Motion co-processor can support the processing power of the major processor to a great extent. When the device faces a scarcity of resources. The co-processor can support it to be stable. So, Your device remains perfect in any operating conditions.

The Hardware is not complete By The CPU only. It includes each and every tangible component of the device. The high-quality components of the iPad make it unbeatable by any other products of its range. The 4 HD speakers will give the lifelike sounds from your iPad. The Supersensible Touch ID is also a plus point to the device. You can access your iPad by simply placing your fingerprint on the Home button. The Highly sensible sensor can respond within 0.1 S with an accuracy rate of 99%.

The iPad Pro is Equipped with the Most advanced mobile OS in the world. The IOS9 in it’s most advanced form. The Device can perform faster with the fully integrated Operating system. IOS Series had already taken over other Mobile operating systems. The Most advanced Tablet in the world is Now equipped with the most advanced Mobile OS in its most Advanced form!


Apple iPad Pro Review: Camera

Photography is always a passion among the people. They just love taking Photos. They are the fans of, HD Photos which tells thousands of words from a single look. iPad Pro can give you the results as you expected. The 8MP iSight camera with Autofocus, Face Detection, Backside illumination, Hybrid IR filter and most importantly the Five-Element lens can give you life-like pictures within no time. You will always take selfies with the 1.2MP Facetime Front camera with Autofocus and Face Detection and even more. The high-quality lenses used will give your photos a gorgeous look.

The iSight camera can provide 1080p HD video recording. It has the features like Video stabilization, Face detection, Backside illumination etc… The 3X zoom can give a clearer vision of the far objects. You can Record 720p HD videos with the Front camera and 4 or 5 times clearer videos with the Back Camera. You can take shots like a pro and edit them from your iPad itself. Listing out all the features of any Apple product is almost impossible. They have a large number of features making it perfect from all angles. In the case of Camera also, it’s the fact.

Apple iPad Pro Review: Connectivity

You always love to be connected, And the iPad also Do. With the most advanced technologies used in iPad Pro, You can Stay connected 24 hours. The device supports all the latest Technologies including 4G connectivity. The advanced 2.5 GHz and 5GHz WiFi connectivity help you stay connected effective than before. The iPad Pro Uses Bluetooth 4.2 Technology. The device also has all the basic connectivity technologies like UMTS, HSPA, GSM, MIMO Data Only etc… We can use the Micro sim in iPad pro and it supports the Apple Sim also. As any other apple products, The device uses the Lightning connector. The connector is a bit faster than before. Apple has introduced a new technology called Smart Connector with the Brand new iPad model. I think, we can transfer our files faster than any time before.

Apple iPad Pro Review: Price

The iPad Pro is priced from $799 (For the 32GB Model). This is a bit larger for commons. But they are charging for the quality and durability of the Product. As I mentioned before, Apple is a symbol of Royalty and Richness, They always manage to Keep the reputation of the company among the rich people. But the high price of the Apple iPad pro never affected its popularity. The product is always a popular one among the tech lovers.

Apple iPad Pro Review: Battery

After reading all the above specifications, You may think that the battery will be a waste and it will definitely drain in Rocket speed. But you are mistaken. The Built-in 38.5 watt/hour lithium-polymer battery Provides Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi, watching the video, or listening to music. The Device can be Charged either by Power adapter or by Connecting USB to the Computer. The most advanced hardware can save your power by performing effectively even on Rough conditions. The quick charging Facility can save your time a lot.


Apple iPad Pro Review: Specifications

  • CPU: A9X 64-bit CPU
  • ROM: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • External memory: No
  • Screen: 12.9 inch Retina Display, 2732×2048 pixels, 5.6M
  • OS: IOS9
  • Back camera: 8.0MP, Auto-Focus, Face Detection
  • Front camera: 1.2MP, Auto-Focus, Face Detection
  • Battery Capacity: Built-in 38.5 watt/hour lithium-polymer battery, Up to 10 Hours of Surfing on WiFi
  • Wireless Connectivity: GPS, 4G, 3G, GSM, Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi
  • WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/a wireless internet
  • I/O Interface: Lightning Connector, Smart Connector
  • Sensors: Touch-ID, Three-axis Gyro, Accelerometer, Ambient light Sensor, Barometer
  • Additional Features: MP3, MP4, OTG, 4k Recording

Apple iPad Pro Review: Verdict

Apple iPad Pro is the best device you can ever get if you are a lover of the Quality and Durability. The high-end hardware used in the device make it one of the best products ever created. The Device is the best solution for Gamers, Designers, and Tech geeks to take a PC with you on the go. The well-engineered device is well configured to get the most out of it.

So, what do you think? Do you love the all new Apple iPad Pro? Do you have anything to add to our Apple iPad Pro review? Comment below to share your thoughts and experiences about the new apple iPad Pro.

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