How To Fix A Cell Phone That Got Wet?

What do you do if you drop your phone in water? First, you get Panic, then wipe out the outside wet with a piece of cloth. Then, what will you do? I saw so many persons taking it to a Cell Phone service center. The first thing everyone have to note down is water damage to Mobile phones not covered under insurance or warranty. Secondly, before you take your phone to service center, the water inside the hardware may finish its complete damage job.

In this situation, you have to act yourself and have to think how to dry your phone yourself at home with available options. Here we found some good options to those who are in the panic situation.

My Cell Phone got wet, How to fix it?

Wipe out the outer parts of Cell Phone with a piece of cotton. Never Switch On your Cell phone after you took it out. That may cause damage to the circuit and that might be the end of the device. Then, remove the Battery, SIM card, removable micro SD card and other parts that you can remove. This is the most important thing you must do. From the SIM card and SD card, you can get back your contacts and other stored data safely.

Then, try to pour out water in the inside parts by little shakes. You can also use earbuds to suck out the water in the surfaces you can see. Then, to dry the wetness you have to use any of the following things that you have with you.

  • An Air Compressor or Vacuum Cleaner
  • Uncooked White Rice
  • Silica Gel

Dry the Cell Phone using Air Compressor or Vacuum Cleaner

Using the Air Compressor or Vacuum cleaner, we can dry the wetness in the inside parts of Cell Phone. Be cautious in using Air compressor or Vacuum cleaner. Use the low settings to dry the Cell phone. After few minutes, test the Cell phone whether it is working or not.

Dry the Cell Phone using Uncooked white Rice or Silica Gel

Uncooked white Rice is considered as a good drying agent. Take a big bowl full of uncooked Rice and immerse the Wet cell phone inside. Rice drains the Cell phone to stop further water damages inside the cell phone. Some people may ask how long do you have to leave your phone in Rice. Just keep the Phone in Rice overnight. On next day, check the Cell phone is working or not.

If you have Silica Gel packets in more numbers that can immerse a Cell phone in the bowl, then you an try Silica Gel Packets too. Just 5 or 10 Silica Gel packets won’t help you to immerse the cell phone. Like same as we say in Rice, keep the Cell phone overnight with silica gel packets.

Here, we tried our best to give ideas on how to dry the wet cell phone and fix it soon. But, remember none of the methods won’t give you an assurance of getting back your cell phone in working condition. There are a lot of reasons for the damage because of water in a Cell phone. Also, the damage level does vary from model to model, brand to brand. Basically, the build of the phone plays a major role in getting back your wet phone alive.


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