10 Essential Tips for Minecraft Beginners

Minecraft is a great game that is updated frequently with new options and features. Given the size of the gaming community and the expert level of many of the players who have been gaming with Minecraft for years already, this can make it a bit daunting for a newbie player to get to grips with.

For this reason, we’re presenting 10 essential tips for Minecraft beginners

1. Create Air Pockets Underwater Using Torches

Don’t make the mistake of swimming too deep and running out of air. That’ll be a fatal mistake. Or maybe you went mining and the floodgates were opened? Either way, if you are underwater too long, you’ll eventually need something extra. By bringing a torch, this will push the water away which creates a pocket of air. You need to make sure that you’re adjacent to the torch to get the benefit from it while underwater. Here is a video to show how this can be accomplished easily.

2. Use a Torch as a Ledge to Hold Gravel and Sand

Torches have a number of uses. These include being positioned on a wall for lighting, then providing a way to block falling sand and gravel which can be collected around the torch. When there is only sand available as a building block material then this little trick will come in handy.

3. Stop Lava and Water By Using Ladders and Signs

When in a building phase, combating either lava or water can be a major pain to deal with. A flow of boiling hot lava or water can easily wash away building work. Use a ladder or a sign as a way to block this flowing irritant from destroying your building work. They’ll also work underwater too which is helpful.

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4. Brace Up Using a Torch

When removing a block of sand or gravel, it is important to brace up the structure by replacing anything removed from it with a torch. This can block up a gap until a proper replacement can be found.

5. Use Middle Button in Creative Mode

When you’re set in the Creative mode, use the middle mouse button (the mouse wheel) and press down on it. This will grab the item being viewed and place it into the inventory for use later. This can be used on leaves, grass and other objects.

6. Use Torches as Part of a Scaffolding Base

Torches can be used as a piece of scaffolding rather than needing to use proper materials all the time. This can reduce the number of building blocks required to complete a new structure. Torches are perhaps the most flexible tool included in Minecraft.

7. Sink Down with Soul Sand

Soul Sand is a little like quicksand in the game of Minecraft. If you stand on it too long, it’ll take you down with it. Soul Sand can be used to block the path of other players who may not see it before they step forward. Build a wall upwards, but leave a block free of Soul Sand for some tricky gameplay tactics.

8. Infinite Water Sources Can Come From Two Buckets of Water

A neat little trick with Minecraft and water is the ability to create a water source that never runs out. Take three blocks, fill them all up with water and then only retrieve water from the middle block. By not taking water from either of the outside blocks, the water source will be never-ending.

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9. Clear Pesky Grass with Water

The grass around buildings can really get in the way. It is not easy to clear a space around a building. However, if you have a good supply of water it is possible to tip it out on to the grass to flatten it out. This will then remove the grass creating a flat surface around the building. Of course, apply the previous tip to get an endless supply of water before you apply this technique.

10. Choose the Best Minecraft Servers

Playing Minecraft online is no good if the servers are slow or they’re not located near where your internet connection. The ping will be too high to maintain a responsive connection if the server is too far away. You can solve this problem by looking up some good servers from a Minecraft Server List to locate one nearby with a low ping and enough player slots available to connect easily.

These are some excellent Minecraft tips to get new gamers started with this legendary game. What tips have you discovered when beginning to play Minecraft for the first time?

It is a guest post by Andrew.


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    Randy Garcia Jun 21, 2016 at 12:19 am

    Hey Scott, do you play Minecraft because it seems like you do. These are really nice tips, i’ll share them with my friends. We play a lot together.

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