F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch – Features, Price and Review

F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch has one more Chinese Smartwatch joined the growing crowd of Smartwatches in the Gadget world. When compared to the Apple and Samsung Watches, a Chinese brand of Smartwatches are too cheap in price but with all the necessary features. F68 is one such low priced Smartwatch with all features.

When speaking about the Smartwatch the looks and features, comes the front with the value for money. F68 comes with a good look for this low price, and with all the features you can see in other Smartwatches that sells double or triple the price of this watch. This watch could be a good alternative choice for those who cannot afford a big price for a smartwatch. Also, the news coming are confirming that Chinese low-cost Smartwatches are selling more than branded Samsung Smartwatch. This makes the necessity of this low price watches more. Let’s have a look into the F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch.

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F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch Specs

F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch Review: Design and Build Quality

F68 has a round faced Dial, with a solid Aluminum alloy bezel over the dial. The strap is made up of Silicon Material with anti-sweat. It feels comfortable to wear. The strap is available in three flavors – Black, Orange, and Blue. Also, you can easily replace another strap into the dial with minimum effort. Those who are going to replace the strap, have to note that the strap width is 18mm. Dial size is 11mm, which is a usual size in the Bluetooth Smartwatch category.

It has an LCD screen with a 1.5-inch display. The HD Resolution of this screen reads 128 x 128 pixels. The display is visible very clear on the dial, even in the sunlight. Another advantage is that the screen is always on. So, no need to search for a button to take a look at the time.

This watch is certified with an IP67 waterproof standard. It is practically mean that a water splash or an unexpected rain, won’t affect the watch.

Overall this is not a high-end design, which usually sells at triple or more the times of price of this watch. But, this watch is a good looking one for the price tag. Round dial is also an excellent choice for so many people. It is a stylish looking unisex smartwatch.

F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch Price

F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch Review: Connectivity

The F68 smartwatch can be connected to iOS and Android devices easily using the Bluetooth 4.0. This version of Bluetooth has a wide range of coverage. You can connect to the watch with your Phone or Tablet in the next room. It supports Android devices with Android 4.3 or above versions and iOS devices with iOS 8.0 or above versions.

Also, note down that Apple Phones doesn’t support Message reminder function in this watch. This watch can be used without connecting to any devices, i.e., like an independent watch. Data can be stored up to 7 days, and you can also check the collected data in these 7 days. After that, you may need to upload the data to your device to store it for future use and to avoid the loss of data.


F68 has an 180mAh size battery, which gives back up for 7 days. Battery backup is not at all a problem in this watch. To charge the battery, just keep the dial in the magnetic charging dock seat. This is an easy method ever for charging a battery.

F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch Specs

This Smartwatch has a good range of features. Check below.

  • Call Reminder
  • Message Reminder
  • Social websites and Messenger Reminder (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, QQ )
  • Alarm Clock
  • Professional Sports Tracking Pedometer
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Healthy Heart rate and Sports Heart rate checker
  • Health Data Management


After this useful features, this Smartwatch price is just $32.21. It is a significant drop from the original price of $67.27. You can buy F68 Smartwatch from the Gearbest.com here.


F68 Bluetooth smartwatch has all the basic features of a Smartwatch of Apple or Samsung but at the very low cost. Most of the people, not even know about the Bluetooth Smartwatches selling in Chinese stores at low cost. This Smartwatch is worthy for what you are paying. It has a solid Aluminum build with Silicon strap, Bluetooth 4.0, a list of features, good battery and display and much more. Those who want to have a smartwatch for its basic needs and at a cheap price, this watch will give 100% satisfaction to them.

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F68 Bluetooth Smartwatch Review
8.3 Overall
F68 Bluetooth smartwatch has all the basic features of a Smartwatch of Apple or Samsung but at the very low cost. Most of the people, not even know about the Bluetooth Smartwatches selling in Chinese stores at low cost.
Build Quality8

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