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Lenovo Smartphones always target the affordable price category. Yet another such low price addition from Lenovo is Lenovo K3 Note.The price is as low as $156.99 for such a branded phone. Now there is tough competition in this affordable price category. Xiaomi is quickly catching big marketplace with their constantly performing gadgets. Lenovo has not yet become a big name in Smartphone Industry, but their infrastructure and investment is very strong when compared to other Chinese rivalries. We can expect good results from Lenovo after such strong foundation.

Lenovo K3 Note Giveaway

Their new Lenovo K3 Note looks like their previous model A7000 in look. But, the specifications are much far away from A7000. The Specifications and features are worth the value for money. But, the performance is mostly based on the custom interface of hardware. Let’s have a deep look into the Lenovo K3 Note.

Lenovo K3 Note Build Quality

Lenovo K3 Note Review: Design and Build Quality

The Device is very solid in look and thin in the size with 8mm. The device is 5.5 inch in display size that makes it thinner for 8mm thickness. The device is rectangular in shape with s slight curve in the edges, that make it look compact. The back panel which is removable, covered the removable battery, sim card slots, and an SD card slot. The back panel is not a metal, but it is made of strong material.

The top side has the 3.5 mm headphone jack and micro USB charging port. Both of them placed with the needed gap to connect the Earphone and USB cable at the same time. The Volume buttons and Power button placed in the right side. The Back camera is placed in the top right corner in the back side.

Overall the design and build quality is satisfactory and no difficulty found in holding with one hand and using in a regular day to day usage.

Lenovo K3 Note Display

Lenovo K3 Note Review: Display

The Display is 5.5 inches large IPS screen. The value for money comes with the FHD Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display quality is very amazing and sharp at 401 pixels per inch density. We tested the display from various viewing angles. The display is good at most of the angles but on some very wide angle view, we notice some color change in the screen. Normally those wide view angles are very rare in our day to day usage. Also the fact says all the smartphones have color change issue from wide angle view. Another point to note down is the display is little reflective sometimes, which may need full brightness to avoid reflections.

For the day to day usage and experiences, the display is outstanding. Whenever we look into the screen, it gives an attractive feeling.

Lenovo K3 Note Review: Camera

The Camera in Lenovo K3 Note is not going to disappoint you. It has a dual camera as usual like in all smartphones. The Front has 5.0 MP camera and the Back has 13.0 MP camera. The pictures taken with the rear camera is detailed and clear in the normal mode. If you want more perfection and sharpness, you can choose HDR option. While taking the snap in the shadow or dim light, it is better to use the manual ISO settings to get good picture clarity.

There are a lot of options available for Camera in the app, you can tweak it to your taste to get the desired results. A 13.0 Mp camera will never disappoint the users. Coming to the front 5.0 MP camera, it is producing quality selfies up to its ability of 5.0 MP. For those who want high clarity selfies, this won;t fulfill your wish. But, 5.0 MP is enough to take casual selfies with good picture quality.

Lenovo K3 Note Features

Lenovo K3 Note Review: Performance

Basic performance factor in a Smartphone is the processor chip. Lenovo K3 Note has Mediatek 64 bit Octa core processor with clock speed up to 1.7 GHz. The Octa-core chip comes with 8 cores, and this is very powerful in running the CPU at maximum usage. The Gaming processor is ARM Mali 760 MP2, which is a sixteen core processor. This processor with eight cores and sixteen cores combination can meet the desires of heavy users with multi-tasking and power gaming.

Memory sections read the following specification – 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. For a Smartphone 2 GB RAM is good enough to tweak the maximum usage without any lagging. The external memory is expandable up to 32 GB, which is not a good choice made by Lenovo. It would have been 64 GB or more to satisfy certain heavy users. But, OTG option is available for those who want more storage. With the USB OTG, you can connect a 25 GB flash drive to the phone. This is more than enough to satisfy anyone.

Lenovo K3 Note loaded with Android 5.0 Lollipop OS with Lenovo’s own Vibe UI. Vibe UI adding more value to the Android 5.0 OS. The interface is very effective for the daily use. For Internet connectivity, it has 4G, 3G, WiFi, and 2G. We tested the downloading on 4G and 3G. Both connectivities have run smoothly without any issues.

Lenovo K3 Note Specs

Lenovo K3 Note Review: Battery Life

The Battery capacity is 3000 mAh. It gives a decent backup of 10 hours for heavy usage with playing HD videos, downloading files, and power gaming. For normal usage, it lasts for one day without charging the battery. The battery can also be saved more with modified models in settings using battery saver apps. Overall the battery performance is good and no sudden drop in battery capacity noted by us.


Two basic things about Lenovo K3 Note must be noted down.

  • Whether it has all the needed features of a smartphone and running smoothly without any major issue?
  • Yes. It has all the features. Octa Core processor, best GPU processor, 2 GB RAM, 3000 mAh battery, Latest Android 5.0 Lollipop, FHD 1080p Display, 13 MP Camera, 4G, WiFi, OTG and much more.

Is it worth the value for money?

Lenovo K3 Note is selling at $156.99. Compared to the other smartphone with same features, this price is really low. Value addition over the price is Octa Core Processor and FHD display. Most of the near competitor to this Phone either missed the FHD display or Octa core processor. K3 Note is a double benefit in that case.

Giveaway Details

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Lenovo K3 Note Review
8.2 Overall
Build Quality
Build Quality8.5

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