How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account – Detailed Guide

Most of you might be using, at least, one Gmail account. Some of you have even multiple accounts. The beginners on Gmail may create multiple accounts and once they aware of the basic operations or if they find a better Gmail id, They may switch it to the new one. This happens several times in your life. And behind you, there is a bunch of Gmail accounts that are no longer needed. This makes a total confusion in your mind. And you will search for How to delete Gmail account and without thinking twice you will delete the account.

All done, You relaxed for a few days. Once you realized that, some of your important files were on the deleted account. You will definitely regret yourself. But don’t worry about it. This simple and complete guide on How to Recover Deleted Gmail account will definitely help you to get your data back. Don’t feel thanks to us, but thank to google for keeping your data safe.

How to Recover Deleted Gmail account – Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all, Just Visit the Google password assistance page to begin the Gmail account recovery process.
  2. Three options are given on the window, Select I’m having other problems signing in.
  3. Carefully follow the On screen instructions and Provide the account details, if prompted and try to recover your account.

Note: If your Gmail account is linked to another email address, like Yahoo or Hotmail. You may not be able to recover your account

If you are carefully followed the Steps on this guide on How to recover deleted Gmail account, You might be able to login to your Gmail account and get all your data back.

Still not able to recover the Gmail account?

If you are still not able to recover your Gmail account. You may carefully check the provided details once again. If you are damn sure about the details you provide. Then you got a bad hit. Your Gmail account has been deleted forever and you can’t get back the account and data.

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