How to Check Battery Percentage in Android Phones

Battery capacity of the modern day devices is just like a flaming paper which burns down within no time. We should focus on the battery capacity each and every time we decide to do some tasks with our devices. The battery storage icon on the topmost of the display is the key to knowing the fuel remaining in your device. But it will not show you the exact amount of remaining charge. So, we want to find it out yourself. This complete and definitive guide on How to check battery percentage in android phones will definitely guide you to be able to check the exact battery remaining in your smartphone. Follow the simple steps given below.

How to Check Battery Percentage in Android Phones

Here, we listed the simplest steps to check battery percentage in android devices. This will let you know the exact amount of remaining battery capacity of your phone.

1.Simply go to Settings of your device.

2.Find the Battery tab.

3.The remaining battery capacity will be shown alongside with the detailed battery usage statistics.

How to Enable Battery Percentage on Home Screen of Android

You can enable battery percentage of the Android device using a simple app called Battery Percent Enabler. It simply activates the percentage showing feature of Android device battery. The app works on any Android device and works without rooting. It is one of the best ways to check the percentage of the battery left in the device. The app is available in Google Play Store for free.

Just install this App and click on “Enable Battery Percent”. Then reboot. You can uninstall the App afterwards. The setting will remain.

Download Battery Percent Enabler

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Note: There are also some apps to help you on battery storage. Battery left an app, Battery app are some of this kind. If you are lazy to check the battery status manually, you may choose one of them.

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