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Virtualization is an amusement to the tech world even now. One device can be simulated on other one and one platform on another and such a vast playground of the virtual devices are dominating the tech world in the current era. When coming to the smartphones, The most loved tech device in the world and we can enjoy that one even without having it. Bluestacks is the first one introduced by our mind for the smartphone virtualization. The app was able to create a virtual smartphone in our own PC with all the features as an android powered device and can open all the apk files in it. You can enjoy the Whatsapp, facebook, youtube and your favourite games like temple run, Subway surfers and everything that you used to be on your smartphone. It was loved by most of the people who doesn’t own an android device. But the user had experienced some disabilities like:

  • Slow performance of the PC due to high resource usage of Bluestacks.
  • Sluggish performance of some apps.

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So, we listed out some of the Best alternatives of the Bluestack which do the same thing without those problems listed above and consists of some more features than the Bluestacks.


1. Andy Android Emulator

The tough competitor of the bluestacks has something more than the usual android emulators. If you are fed up of the limited storage on you android devices, andy android emulator is the best option for you. Andy can reallocate the full resources of your system for both the system and the App without affecting the system speed. The adjustable window size and the full-screen mode is also a plus.


2. Console OS

Console OS is not a traditional android emulator which uses a window method to open the android simulator nad close it when we want. But, as the name itself suggests, this is a Linux based android os which inherit to our system as an operating system alongside our windows or mac. The side by side app running allows you to run multiple apps at the same time on the same screen, which is a superb feature I think. It only takes a very less time to boot the android platform than the siblings.

You-wave-android emulator

3. YouWave Android Emulator

The youwave android emulator is a Virtualbox based android emulator which creates a specific space for the app and you can allot the specific resources for it. It may slightly slow down your PC, despite that the app provides a better experience than the blue stacks one and thus is commonly chosen as a bluestacks alternative. The online multiplayer support makes the app the favourite of the gamers. Moreover, the app has its own Appstore with thousands of apps.



Amiduos is yet another android simulator which costs something. The software is free for 30 days then you may extend it by paying a small $9.99. It supports the 3D acceleration and the CPU boosters. Apart from any other simulating software’s, it supports sensors, microphone, camera, audio enhancements, multi-gesture support, GPS support, multi-touch support etc… So, the device is much better to use with its sensors if we have a tablet PC.

From this Best Bluestacks Alternatives which one will be your choice? We are eager to know your choice. Leave them on the comment box or you can comment your thoughts also. We are always happy to hear from you.

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