How to Convert Direct Download Link to Torrent

Downloading files with torrent clients are always an easy task than downloading them from the direct URL’s which may be broken or stop responding at the middle of the download process. The normal downloads can’t be resumed from the stopped position if it was stopped accidently and it will tempt to start the process from the beginning. This is always irritating. But torrent clients like Bit torrent and Utorrent are always different in the job. They are unique in performance and can download multiple files at the same time with a bunch of features like pause and resume. Any broken downloads can be restarted from the exact point where it had stopped.

Torrent download clients use a peer to peer connection with multiple connection technologies which allows a faster transmission than the normal downloads. Torrents clients include the following built-in features which make it the favourite:

  • Better download speed
  • Restart at the exact point where we have left.
  • Can download huge files with no speed reduction or file missing.
  • You can analyse the torrent file with the votes and ratings it has got.

So, Torrent is a solution which can ensure best download features within the very least time than any other direct download links. But torrent clients must need a torrent file instead of a URL to begin the process. So, How to convert direct download link to Torrent file? In this guide on the same, we are guiding you through the simple steps to convert the usual download links to a torrent file.

How to Convert Direct Download Link to Torrent

Burnbit is a website which allows you to easily convert those direct download links to torrent files. The website itself tagged as

If a file exists, there is torrent of it. If not, it will be burned

Which means, it is that much confident to convert any URL you inputting to it. So let’s look into the procedure:

  1. Copy the URL of the file that you want to download as a torrent file.
  2. Then, Just Open
  3. Paste the URL in the given area of the BurnBit.
  4. Then, Click on “Burn” button.
  5. Wait till the files to be transferred and the torrent file to be created.
    Note: The waiting time depends on the size of the file that you want to convert and the speed of server that hosted the file.
  6. After the torrent creation process, you will get the .torrent file which is ready to be opened with any Torrent clients.

BurnBit is a powerful and effective tool to easily convert the direct download links to some useful torrent files. So, give it a chance next time you try to download something.


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