How To Download Music Straight To Your iPhone

Downloading or transferring a song to iPhone is restricted with the iTunes library. Almost all the Apple users face this unwanted restriction when they want to add songs to iPhone. Though there are some options, like adding songs to iTunes app in PC and then synchronizing it to iPhone. It is an irritating process for so many people. I looked for some easy solutions other than synchronizing the songs to iTunes library. I got various types of solutions.

But, some of them are very old techniques which are unfit with the latest iOS versions. If you are ready to jailbreak your iOS device, there are some apps which would help you to download the Music or any files without the need to go to iTunes store. So, it is a great confusion for what method to choose among the various methods available on The Internet. We picked a two method, one for devices without jailbreak and another for devices with the jailbreak.

Without Jailbreak

Copy Trans Manager

Have the songs on your PC is important before you start this method. You can download them from the internet or take from your friends or family as you wish.

  • Copy Trans Manager is an app for PC. You can download from here.
  • After downloading it to your PC, install it.
  • Then Connect your iPhone to PC. Copy Trans will detect the iPhone.
  • After it got detected, start adding your songs Playlist to Copy Trans by a simple browser in your PC or Drag and Drop.
  • Then you can update the Playlist or songs from Copy Trans to iTunes Library.

It reduced the toughness in using iTunes app for PC and synchronizing it. The downside of this method is, the need for a PC to transfer the Music files. But, No Jailbreak required for this method.

With Jailbreak

Chrome Downloader Plus and iFile Method

  • Download the Chrome Downloader Plus and iFile from Cydia and install them on your iPhone.
  • After Installation, open the Chrome browser and search and download the Songs using “Download Target”. This option will be available after a long press on the Song download link. (While downloading Songs from Internet beware of the Copyright terms. Downloading a copyrighted song from a source other than Licensed Distributors or Owners are illegal.)
  • Now, open the Chrome Downloader Tab from the settings and let the song finish the download.
  • After the file downloaded, open it in “iFile”. From iFile, you can play the song and also transfer it to iTunes library easily.


We picked two easiest methods for downloading or transferring the Music files into your iPhone. There are some methods available for devices without Jailbreak and the need for PC. But, they are not working for everyone. There could be some other methods available. Here we chose what was working for us. Please try this method and tell your experience in Comments.

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