DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger Review

Coming to Android, the battery is one of the most attention-seeking components. The Google Play Store has various apps to optimize and improve the battery performance of Android device with a no-brainer. These types of apps optimize the Android system to get the most of the juice from the battery. The device manufacturers are now concentrating on bigger batteries, but along with they are also upgrading RAM and processors. The issue remains same and we hardly getting one day juice on the full charging of the device. Here the DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger app comes as a life saver for Android devices.

Those horrible days when you scared about the battery charge which dries out within hours are always scary to you. The small capacity batteries can’t feed these gigantic modern day devices for running all the day. Gone are the days when your fuel tank charged several times in a day and dead again without any shame. Battery charge is the only unsolved problem of the smartphones. There are even 6000mAh batteries on the market which barely manages to fuel the devices, but fails sometimes. Tried all the ways to save the battery? Reduced the screen brightness, turned off so many apps, avoid playing your favorite games, but anything wasn’t paid the result. Stop screaming at your device, Here comes the ultimate battery saver and phone charger, The DU Battery Saver and Phone Charger app.

The DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger app is the little angel in your garden which bless you with some extra battery saving. Stop turning off the apps and reducing the screen brightness, the app can do all for you without doing these hurting tweaks. DU Battery saver is an app from the DUGroup who already made their sign on the app industry with other house members like DUBoosterDUBrowser, DUFlashlight etc.… Never worry about your battery burnouts again, the mighty DU will take care of him. It is not only a battery booster but have some extra hand on your device like decreasing the heat of the device and screen lock auto-clear etc.… catch the full details of the app in this DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger Review.

Du Battery Saver & Phone Charger User Interface

DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger: The Interface

The home screen of the app interface contains a big battery icon which implements the percentage of battery remaining with the catchy filling coupled with a remaining time of the battery and an Optimize button is the eye catchers of the first look to the interface. The clean and easily understandable UI proclaims its diversity from other siblings. The app housed so many built-in themes with different designs and features that can be tweaked. Another big advantage of the app is the One-click optimization which can be done by the Optimize button on the dashboard. The black background exerts the texts and buttons out of the phone, and it is clearer to read and understand them.

While looking down, there are three sections namely:

Temperature: Shows the temperature of the device

Call-Time: The estimated time for us make calls while on the battery.

Technology: The technology used in the battery

After, a big graph showing the battery level for specific times which gives an idea about the battery usage of the device. Under that, there are 5 sections placed in order namely Battery, Saver, Toolbox, Charge, and monitor which can be used for different purposes and they have described below. Now, the dashboard given place to all of these useful members to give an exact idea of all details even in a quick look at it. Now, let’s have a look into the DU battery saver and phone charger review and features.

DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger: Features – A Complete Review

The DU battery saver app can boost your battery up to 50% on the free version, but the company offers 70% boost if you go for a pro version. The app has an incredible 150 million+ installs which show the users loves the app and it really boosts the battery. Apart from other battery saving apps which can’t do the job, the DU is different and really boosts the battery capacity. Heating devices no more heat up in the presence of the DU app. alongside with the battery boosting, the DU offers a real-time cooling function to the device by monitoring the temperature and if it exceeds a certain limit the app starts to pour the cool touch over the device. Now, let’s have a thorough look into the features of the app.

Battery Saver Mode

Saver Modes

The DU Battery saver app is robust of saving modes namely Prolong, General, Sleep and My mode and all of them has these 6 options in it, Screen brightness, screen timeout, Vibrate, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sync, Haptic Feedback. All you need to do is to tap on the right one and the app will do the rest or you can customize them as you need, to ensure, it completely fits your device. If you want to create a new custom saver mode, the DU has the option to do that and allow you to control each and every feature of the app, thus, you can save the battery like a pro.

Saver Mode Presets

Moreover, the app has a Smart feature which enables the sub-features like Screen lock Auto-clear, Screen saver, Auto-clear Apps, schedule by time and power, network control, and Low CPU frequency, etc.… these features are premium features and you can get them after unlocking them using the points or by buying a pro version of the app for $2.99.



Toolbox of the DU app is the casino where you can earn the points to buy the Smart features mentioned above by installing recommended apps and games. The three sections namely Picks, Apps and Games dominating the window with full of apps and games which can give you some points. If you install them and get some points, and redeem your Smart options for free.



This is the most important section of the app where we control our battery charging settings. It has 3 sections housed in it, namely fast charge, Full charge, and Trickle charge. The app itself suggest these 3 sections as three steps to perform a quick and healthy charge and discharge to increase the battery life. The steps are listed below.

  • Fast Charge: Use constant current to charge till the 80% capacity and then select healthy charging to get a full charge.
  • Full Charge:  Reduce charge current when almost fully charged. Then use impulse current to fully charge the battery.
  • Trickle Charge: Trickle charge to keep electrons flowing inside the lithium battery, to make-up for self-discharge and thus get a longer battery.

The extraordinary features and greatly engineered developing the power of the app can even control the electron flow inside our lithium battery.



If any of your apps using so much battery and causing fast discharging, the stop button is your friend which can stop that app from consuming the battery. This section is the monitor which projects all the details regarding the battery usage of the apps and the measurements to stop them.

Now all the sections are over, we have a look to other useful features of the app which are not mainly listed on the main dashboard.

DU Swype

DU Swipe

DU swipe feature of the app is an accessibility one, which brings a list of apps from the bottom right or left corners when swiped. Apps are chosen by you and can be organized at your behalf. This option helps the battery saving a little bit because we don’t want to access the main menu each time to access the apps. The swipe area is also customizable if needed and can be set to any location as you are comfortable with.

DU App Lock

App lock

As the name itself suggests, it is an app locker which does the same thing as the usual app locker apps do. You can select the apps that want to be locked and set the access credentials to it. This inbuilt feature protects your apps from external access and can be unlocked anytime by inputting the pattern lock you set before. Apart from the battery saving features, this is another useful feature which diverges from the DU app category.

Phone Cooler

Phone Cooler

Never again drop your device due to the extreme heat up. The phone cooler feature of the DU app will take care of the temperature by optimizing the apps and CPU usage alongside with the battery capacity. Phone cooler screen shows the app’s battery usage and if you found some over usages, you can always stop them from the screen itself. The heating up battery is the main cause of the device overheating, thus, DU takes care of the battery by the phone cooler feature and the device temperature automatically stabilize.

One-Click Optimization

This section is not tabbed on the app but represented as a button namely Optimize on the main screen. This is a quick solution to optimize our battery with a single touch. Apps which uses a high amount of fuel will be stopped by the One-click optimization alongside with all other necessary actions to boost the battery and all of them can be done with a simple tap. So, to make things faster and easier, just Tap the optimize button on the main screen.

What’s new in this version?

  • New shortcut for Advanced Saving.
  • Optimized phone cooling with more accurate temperature detection.


  • One-Click Optimization.
  • Convenient Battery Saver.
  • Smart Preset Modes.
  • Advanced Phone Cooler.
  • Healthy Charging Manager.
  • New Charging Screensaver.
  • More Accurate Status.


  • Sometimes the app shows lags.


If you are looking for the best app to boost your battery without affecting any of the system processes or tasks, DU Battery Saver a&phone charges app is the best probable choice. The app worthy to be installed on your device. So, give it a try.

DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger Review
9.6 Overall
Robust Features
User Interface9.5
Value For Money10

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