Booster Master Speed Cleaner – Android App Review

Most wanted performance category of apps in Android are Battery savers. Next to that comes the Cache/Junk Cleaners alias Speed Boosters. Here, we found a less popular and good rated Booster – Master Speed Cleaner app.

Booster Master Speed Cleaner Review

This Booster app covers all the possible ways to increase the performance of the app. At the same time, it brings all the possibilities and chances of boosting the Phone before us and letting us decide what to do with. It has many features within this one app build. So, it is like using an app package that do the cleaning, boosting and managing of apps.

This is far better than those apps coming nowadays with a minimalist behavior, that do all jobs with one single click. Though all this apps are doing the same task, the user interface, and more features are getting important in choosing the best one.

Booster Master Speed Cleaner User Interface

The first option in the app for boosting is Memory cleaning. It clears the apps and junk files that use the Phone memory. After we optimize the Memory, the app screen shows the memory speed. Most of the battery optimizer apps doing this same memory cleaning to save the battery.

Next is the Game Booster, which enhances the Gameplay speed by optimizing other running processes. Junk and Cache cleaner option is useful in clearing the junks to make more free space in Disk.

After this three features, there are two features for managing Search history and Call/SMS history. You can clean Google Play store and Browser history at one place. It also shows the download history. So, you get all history records stored in one place to clean.

Call/SMS history can be accessed one by one to choose and delete. Also, you can delete all at once. Finally, App manager is seen, which shows all the installed and pre-installed apps to manage.


This app has got good user ratings and comments so far. There is no new feature that make this app stands out the crowd, but it brings a lot of features at one place. By using this, you can avoid having more apps for each feature.

Download Booster – Master Speed Cleaner from Play Store

Booster Master Speed Cleaner Review
9 Overall
User Interface9
Value For Money9

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