10 Hidden Features of Google which Makes you WOW

Being the best search engine in the world, Google provides a lot of features which already made us respect them. There are some Hidden features of google which are still unknown to most of you. Google provides very useful and impressive features that are well known to you. But there are some more hidden features of google which let you wow. We listed the Top 10 Best Hidden features of google which already made us wow. Try them to explore the wider world of google.

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Track Flight

Visiting those Slow loading high traffic airline websites are always annoying. The loading buttons will remain rotating for a while. If you have some urgent flights to track, you will be just trapped. Why to wait for those slow loading airline websites, when google is here. Google’s Track flight feature allows you to track your flight by just entering the Flight name and the Flight number in the google search box. It will show all the details regarding your flight. Departure time, Arrival time, Is the Flight delay or not. You can find all the details regarding your journey.

Track Packages

Google’s Track Packages feature, let you track your packages that are on the way to you. Tracking packages are always important to keep an eye on it or to determine the date of arrival and to be prepared for it. But visiting the Delivery sites and finding them is a little time taking one. So, Google allows the users to track their packages right from the google search box. Just type your Package tracking number to the google search box. All the details regarding the package will be shown on the screen, thus you can determine the progress of your delivery.

Note: The google package delivery system may not work with some small delivery companies. It works well on the USPS, UPS, or FedEx websites.

Reading Newspapers on Google

Reading Newspapers are always good to increase your knowledge and reading capabilities. But, going for those hard copies of Newspapers are not that much comfortable. So, google was launched a newspaper feature on it where you can read the daily news for Free. But, days after for some unknown reasons google stopped the Newspaper feature. But still you can read some old news from news.google.com/newspapers for free. This feature is mostly useful for old newspaper references.

Search Faces Only

Google image search is very familiar to you. Millions of users chose the image search for any of their image needs. The ease and simplicity to download the images is the best reason for that. Sometimes you may need to find the images of some great persons like Bill Gates, Steve jobs, etc… if you want their face only for your need. The ‘Google Search Faces only’ feature can help you. To do this:

  1. Go to the Google image search.
  2. Search for the preferred person.
  3. Click search tools.
  4. Then click “Type”.
  5. Select the “Face” option.

Now your search will be filtered by the faces only, and you will be shown only the faces of the searched person

Synonym Search With a Tilde

Fed up of those hundreds of related search results which shows the unnecessary search results for your search terms?. Google’s Synonym search with a tilde feature can help you to get the right juice of your search terms. To do this, just add a Tilde (~) with your search terms. It will filter the search results with the exact match, and you will get the exact result you are searching for.

Use Google as a Proxy to Access Blocked Websites

In certain places, you may get blocked from some websites by identifying your proxy address. Especially in some offices that restrict access to certain websites like Youtube and Facebook to gain the maximum results out of you. If you want to access those websites from the office itself, Using google as a proxy can help you. To do this, Just type the website “cache:WEBSITENAME.com” into the search box without the quotes. Replace ‘WEBSITENAME’ with the name of the website you want to gain access. This will allow you to access the website using the Googles cache, and you will not be blocked from the access.

Reformat Your Gmail Address With Dots

This is something tricky. Sometimes you may need different Gmail accounts with the same delivery location. So, if you need different email addresses that can deliver the message to the same Gmail account. Create a new account and when inputting the username of the account, add dots (.) in your Gmail username. As google doesn’t count the dot as a character, the email sent to [email protected] and [email protected] will be delivered to the same account.

Fly Using Google Earth

Google earth is a very useful feature to explore the earth. How it would be if we can fly on the Sky in an aircraft?. It will be amazing. Google earth support a Feature, which let you fly through the sky in an aircraft. Follow the steps below to fly.

  • Open Google Earth. You can download Google earth here.
  • Press CTRL+Alt +A in windows and Command+Option+A in Mac.
  • A list of aircraft will be shown.
  • Choose one.
  • Enjoy Flying on the Sky.

Now, you will be controlling an aircraft and will be flying through the sky. Enjoy your flight.

Google April Fool Jokes

April fool jokes is a google feature that made so many to get fooled. Every year on the April fool day, google launches an April fool joke to fool the people. The people will think that the words from the World Internet leaders are true and Get fooled. The Google Toilet, Google mind reading was some of this kind of April fool jokes. But the Treasure map introduced in google maps that showed the various fake treasure deposits  fooled millions of people. Some of them gone in search of it. It may sound funny, but it fooled so many people all over the world.

Do a Barrel Roll

Do a barrel role is a funny and simple Hidden feature of google. Just type “Do a barrel role” in your google search box, and you will see the magic. You web page will rotate once. Not a big feature but a feature is always a feature.

Bonus: Google Hidden features

Chat with aliens

The Mars Feature in Google earth can allow the users to access the Surface of the planet and even to talk with the aliens ( imaginary). To do this

  1. Open Google earth.
  2. Switch to Mars Planet.
  3. Search for Meliza.
  4. You will see a Robotic icon of Meliza.
  5. Click on it and a Chat window will pop up.
  6. Start chat.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to answer your questions. It can respond to some of your questions but fails sometimes. Anyways, its fun to try it. Give it a try.

Hope you enjoyed these Hidden google tricks. These 10 hidden google tricks are hand picked by our staff members. we hope you enjoyed it. If so, Let us know through your comments.


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