How to Save Mobile and Wifi data on Android with Opera Max

All of you are browsing from your smartphone with a terrible limitation. The mobile operators or wireless ISP’s always set a specific limit both to the speed and the amount of data. Worrying about that is a common thing among the internet users and you always alloting an eye to check the data balance after each browsing sessions. It is so irritating to have such limits in your handy device. You must break it down or Save your mobile data or wifi data to ensure the whole day browsing without excess data usage in your android device.

Here come the Opera Max android app, an Opera product and the choice of millions. Opera browser is a well-known browser for its extreme data saving. From the same creators, a private VPN data saving app has born. It passes our data through a highly compressed connection which saves a great amount of data. This Private connection can accept the data from the ISP and pass it after compressing it in a higher level. You can compress your photos, videos, music, etc… which dries out a lot of data from your smartphone. In this guide on ‘How to save mobile and wifi data on android with opera Max’, we are giving a definite idea to really save your data. Follow the steps below to have some extra data left in your smartphone or phablet.

How to Save Mobile and Wifi data on Android with Opera Max

  1. Install the Opera Max from the google playstore.
  2. Watch the tutorial of the app to understand the basic idea.
  3. Then, open the slide-out menu.
  4. Scroll down to the Settings where you can adjust how much to compress photos, videos and music when using mobile data and Wi-Fi.
    Note: If you don’t want to save any data from your mobile or wifi, simply turn them off.
  5. Again go open the main screen.
  6. Tap the Connect button.
  7. Confirm the action by tapping the OK. It will allow the app to set up a new VPN.
  8. Now, your data will be sent through Opera’s private compression services which help to save the data to a great extent.
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Now, you are running on the low data usage mode. You can always check the data usage stats and total data saving from the app screen. It lists the individual data savings of each apps and it suggests any precautions if needed. The weekly and monthly stats helps to determine the data saving. Now, sit back enjoy browsing without the fear of excess data usage.


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