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Everyone who uses Android Smartphone for their works in Office or Home needs a Note taking app. As I always need notes to remind my tasks, I use Note taking apps in my Laptop and Smartphone. In Android, most of the Note taking apps are just a piece of paper in the Touchscreen without many features. Most of such apps need to close other apps we are using to open them. 

So, the search for best Note taking app continues. While searching for that, I crossed Write Now – Notepad in Google Play Store. After I used it for few minutes, I realize its features. This app gives a good user experience compared to other note taking apps.

Write Now – Notepad Features and Usability

It has a drag feature to open the Notes screen. This enables us to take Notes even we are using some other Apps or Games. Other Note-Taking Apps are disappointing without this feature. They need to be opened after we close what we are using. It kills our time. Mostly for the busy working people, Time is precious and of course, they use Note Taking apps to remind their tasks and do it on the right time.

Write Now - Notepad UI

After we open a Note Sheet, we get an option to use the Notepad for writing Text, Checklist or Voice notes. Here, we have to say that Voice notes along with the regular Text notes are one such most helpful feature. Sometimes while traveling, I may not be able to write text. At that time, this Voice notes function will be more useful. At last, we have all Text notes, Checklist and Voice notes in one place. The checklist is enabled with checking out every item as well as check all at once.

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After we make a note, we can pin it in the Home screen and Notification tab. This last feature I’m going to tell is the most wanted one. Write Now Notepad gives the option to lock the notes with password. Yes ! Finally, I don’t have to worry while writing a confidential or personal matters in notes.

You can also try this app in Android for free.

Write Now - Notepad Review
8.6 Overall
User Interface8.5
Value For Money9

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