Best Possible and Easiest Ways To Take A Selfie

Selfie the term originated from self-portrait art is now widely using from smartphone image capturing. Nowadays selfie is a trend and very popular among the youth. People are very crazy over capturing best selfies and some lost their lives too. If you are a selfie maniac and looking for best possible and easiest ways to take a selfie, this guide will really help you.

Whistle Camera – Selfie and More (Android App)

You may never hear of this selfie taking technique, it is the easiest way to take a selfie. Whistle Camera is an Android app which allows you to take a selfie with your whistle. The app comes with some robust features, it can auto focus, image editing, camera countdown and many more. You can take a pic from any angle using this app, place the phone on your car dashboard and a small whistle can capture your fun moments.

The app supports both front and back cameras easily to take pictures on the go. In the app settings, you can adjust the whistle sensitivity on a one to eight scale. The app allows complete tweaking of the taken picture. The app comes with ad supported and it has Pro version. If you are feeling distraction while taking selfies with advertisements go for Pro version which is completely ad-free.

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

Selfie stick is very popular among selfie lovers. The stick comes with Bluetooth button, you can take a pic by pressing the button the stick. Many people are using the Selfie sticks, and it provides an easy way to take a selfie in any angle.

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Rear Camera Selfie Techniques

If your phone don’t have a front facing camera what would you do to take a selfie? Selfie is always friendly with front facing cameras. There are few techniques available to take selfies from rear cameras also. These are suggested for those who want to take a selfie with rear camera without any inconvenience.

Back Camera Selfie-Voice Guide – Take Selfie With Rear Camera

Back Camera Selfie-Voice Guide Android app is designed especially for those who have the rear camera only in their smartphone. It is very inconvenient to take a selfie using rear camera, but with the help of Back Camera Selfie-Voice Guide app, you can capture selfies very easily. The works like a charm for selfie lovers, it guides you with voice assistance to adjust your face to fit the camera. When the phone is positioned correctly you will hear the voice “hold still, smile and the app will automatically capture your selfie.


Using Mirror

Taking a rear camera selfie is good when you take a self-portrait of yourself using a mirror. It is a most common method we usually started it using when there is no front camera in cell phones.


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