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DU Speed Booster and Antivirus App Review – DU More

DU Speed Booster and Antivirus, yet another powerful performing oriented app from the DU Apps Studio. They already have DU Battery saver, DU browser apps were a huge success and collected millions of installs to their bucket. This product also not different from them. Millions choose the DU apps to speed up their devices to retain the extreme capacity of it. Worrying about the smartphone speed and screaming to it is not a solution for the problems you are facing. A useful app can definitely maintain your tasks to ensure the speed with the golden touch. DU has proved the Speed booster is such an app with those golden powers. Over the years gone, you had seen a large number of apps which launched to increase the speed of your device but actually forced you to uninstall it. But DU speed booster is not such a time wasting app.

Being the best Speed booster on the industry, DU holds the most installs over 10 million. The accessibility features to speed up the device are pre-built with extreme care to never make the device misbehave. Antivirus capability of the app provides an extra layer of protection. If you have this app installed, Never worry about the Security and the Speed of your android phone. The DU will completely take care of it by the features like One-Tap Optimize, Game booster, Trash cleaner, App manager, Speed test and the DU security, etc... The combination of these great features builds a perfect app to Speed up and Protect your Smartphone. Let’s have a look into the Complete DU speed booster and antivirus app review and features.

DU Speed Booster and Antivirus Interface

The DU Speed Booster and Antivirus interface are filled with a bunch of useful tools to speed up and protect your device. One-click optimization which has a great potential to clean your device with a single finger tap is given the most occupation space on the main window as an animated big rounded button. The optimization is just a tap away. A blue gradient is used to dress the background of the screen. It can pull out the texts and buttons with a good visibility. The modern approach in the design made all the functions to be placed in some simple circles alongside some punchy icons. All of the app features are stacked on the interface one by one. You can choose the desired one and simply go to it with a simple tap on it. Not satisfied with the given apps? just slide the window to find out more.

DU Speed Booster User Interface

The DU Speed Booster and Antivirus had approached a simple interface in their new product which has a great hand in holding it in the favorite list of the users. Apart from some kindergarten designs, DU Speed booster is coming with a yet comprehensive design which gives a royal look to the app. The spaceship button allows to boost the device even out of the app. The button can be placed in your hand reach area to easily boost the device when it shows some lags. The spaceship flies as we tap on it but in the background, something really big happens.

Features of the DU Speed Booster and Antivirus app

Feature rich apps are always welcomed by the tech world. The DU speed booster is the warehouse of a number of useful features for your device. The robust sections can relieve your thirst for the device speed. Now, let’s have a look into the DU speed booster and antivirus app features.

One Tap Optimization or Speed Accelerator

The one tap doctor of your device who can relieve any problems within a matter of seconds. At the very moment you tap on the button it starts to work. Clean trash, Kill running apps, Forbid autostarts apps and do everything needed to ensure the performance of the device. All these are done within 5 or 6 seconds of time and you can definitely notice the speed change with your eyes. No matter how speedy your device is, the one tap optimization can make it up to 60% faster by performing the system speed up processes.


DU Security

DU security is named as the protection suite of the android devices. With its extreme security features and antivirus options, it blocks any harmful scripts which approaching the device with some malicious codes either to destroy it or to steal your privacy. The real-time protection creates an extra layer of protection which protects the smartphone in any tough situation. Apart from other antivirus apps, the DU security uses only a small amount of system resources which makes the name of the app come true. You can scan the whole system with the speedy procedure to make sure that the device is safe to use.

Being an antivirus which uses only a very less amount of resources is a very appreciatable one, and the DU Security is ready to take that honor. Multiple security modes are always customizable as per your needs. Never worry about those internet junks which may steal your data. The DU Security can prevent them from breaking the security wall.

Game Booster

Game Booster

Lovely gamers will always love this feature which enables the ultra fast gaming on the device. Never play your favorite games with those creepy stuck or dancing screens and never reduce the quality of the games to get a smoother gaming. The DU Game booster can really do the work. It automatically stops the unwanted processes and clean up the RAM and Dress up the CPU for the game. Thus, you can enjoy a better gaming without affecting the performance. It can speed up the games up to 20%.

Trash Cleaner

Trash Cleaner

The waste bin of the device is taken care by the Trash cleaner feature of this app. It deletes all junk files which exhibits some storage space, Clear caches of unwanted apps, Clears the junk files left after the uninstallation of some apps, moreover it also clean the junk processes on the RAM. All in all, it saves some space for us thus, increases the speed a little bit.

App Manager

App Manager

Be the master of your own apps, with this App manager feature. You can manage your apps within the internal or external storage and can Uninstall or move them vice versa. App manager is an effective way to quickly manage those apps in your device. Apart from the normal uninstallers, the process is very simple and quick in the DU app. It completely removes all the junk files of the uninstalled apps including the broken links to it.

Network Boost

Speed Test

Speed test helps you measure the Internet connection speed within the app itself. Not helpful to speed up the device but saves some time of searching the website for testing the internet speed. The accurate results are always a plus point. In my point of view, It gives more accurate and speedy results than the internet speed test websites because it is not using the internet for its own process.

What’s New

  1. Optimized more details.
  2. Previous Bug fixes.
  3. Added Features


  • One-Tap Optimization.
  • Less Resource usage.
  • Internet speed Tester.
  • Real-time Protection.
  • Speedy scan.
  • Lag free game optimization.
  • Junk File removal.
  • Multi-lingual Support.


  • Some old android versions are not supported.


In the community of hundreds of speedup and antivirus tools, The DU Speed Booster and Antivirus app has something special which is really helpful to you. The previous apps of the capitalists was a great success which boosts the trust over them. As the speed and security of your device are very important, DU Speed Booster and Antivirus does stand a chance.

DU Speed Booster and Antivirus App Review
9.5 Overall
App Suggestions
User Interface9.5
Value For Money10

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    apksecurity Jan 24, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Great article. Du antivirus is one of the best apps for phone protection. It enhances phone protection and security by locking all the important files and documents under a strong password so that no body except you could be able to access them.

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