5 Things to do Before Selling Smartphones

Most of you own a smartphone which already out of fashion. Most probably you may be trying to sell it to some of your friends or through the online markets. Anyways, you are selling something you owned for some days. So, it might contain some files and data’s which only own by you. Private files that can’t be public might be stored in your device. Before selling your device, you must take care of them to be safe and to avoid any problems in future. Here we listed the most important 5 things to do before selling smartphones. So, let’s check it out

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Things to do Before Selling Smartphones

There are many things you need to pay attention when selling your device. We listed them below.

Get All Contacts on the Smartphone

The contacts on your smartphones are very precious if you don’t have another copy of them anywhere else. If you are a business person who manages so many clients, the contacts are that much important to you. So you must backup them by writing them down one by one or using some apps like Contacts backup, Super Backup. These apps will backup your contacts and SMS (if you prefer) and allow them to be restored on your new device. In any manner, backing up your contacts is that much important while selling your smartphone. After the successful backup, you may remove them, or We are removing it on the coming steps.

Backup Apps and Data

Backing up Apps and Data is also important. Some of our apps may be collected from different sources and contains some important files or save data’s. If we Reset our device without getting them, it will be a big loss. Like that, the Data’s in our device is also very important. If you no longer need anyone of them, you can leave there or delete them. If you need something of it, You must create a backup of it either by copying files to your External SD card or by connecting the device to the computer using the OTG cable.

Get the SIM and Memory out of it

All your contacts and data are safe. Now, you need to get those removable parts of your phone. The SIM and Memory card. Never forget these two stuff to remove from the device. If it reached any others hands, the things would not be good anymore. So, always pay attention in removing the SIM and External memory card from their slots. Now, you can proceed without fear.

Perform a Factory Reset and Full data Wipe

Performing a Factory Reset and wiping all your data is very much important. Probably the most important fact you must do when completely handing over your smartphones or phablets. Never forget to do the Factory reset and the full data wipe operation. To perform a Factory Reset and Wipe your data, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. Find the ‘Backup and Reset‘ option and tap it.
  3. In the following screen, you will see an option namely ‘Factory data reset’. Tap on it.
  4. Check the boxes for ‘Erase data‘ and ‘Reset all settings‘ if any.
  5. Tap on the ‘Reset‘ button.
  6. Tap ‘Yes‘ if prompted.
  7. Now your Data reset will begin and wait till it finishes. Sometimes it may take longer than 5 minutes. So be patient.

Clean it Well

Most of you may sell your device for some money to buy a new one or for some other reasons. So, Person who buys the phone will look into the quality and the condition of the device. So, you must make it good looking and clean it well with some cleaning lubricants. You may also clean the inner portions of the device. Carefully clean the inner portions only after removing the battery. You may also change your screen protection covers or put some new protective cases to make it look good. If it looks good, the buying person may give you some more money than you expected.

What we have to say

New devices are arriving each day, and you may get bored with the old devices. So, once you decide to sell your device for some money, always follow all the steps given above. It is always better to take Precautions than Remedies. Hope you enjoyed this article. If so, let us know through your comments.


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