Alternatives of Google Maps You Must Try

Here is a mapping service which has the features to be the first alternative of the google maps. The ‘Here’ index contains the complete root details of over 200 countries all over the world. The main advantage of the Here map is that it contains all the route information like the condition of the route, blocks, traffic jams, and such useful information by utilizing the speed cameras, police check posts and such data’s. When compared to the google maps, the Here map has the index of even small places in every city. The data can be explored and used as per your requirements.

Moreover, it has all the features which the google maps have. Places to visit, satellite view, public transit and almost all which the google maps have. So, this is a great alternative to the google maps which worth a try.


Waze is a community-based navigation service which can help you out by providing some useful information like under-constructions sites, accidents, speed cameras, police, etc… Not powerful as google maps. But it has some other powers than the google maps. It’s community driven traffic information can help you in various situations to get an exact idea about the routes you want to travel. You can also know the location of your friends who uses the Waze. a Great alternative which worth a try.


Scout GPS is more than just a mapping app. It Provides some chatting functionalities to locate your friends and point out each other. The various features include OpenStreetMap, maps with traffic, points of interest and parking, etc… All are very useful for everyone to locate each other and know more about the routes by exploring them. Moreover you can easily locate your friends and chat them without switching the app. The app itself has a built in chat system which allows you to have chats from the app itself.


Navmii is a feature rich mapping app which has a number of features that the google maps has. Moreover, it includes alerts like speed limits, traffic, speed cameras, construction sites, slow-downs, etc… The features are the popularity boosters of the app. Navmii includes the turn by turn navigation system which can guide you through any routes in over 80 countries. A great alternative which has some more features alongside with the basic ones.

MapQuest is yet another feature-rich Google maps alternative which has some great features like automatic real-time traffic conditions, ETA, location sharing, the ability to detect cameras and accidents, weather reports and roadside assistance, etc… An all in one app which mostly concentrated on the transportation features. You can also compare the local transportation services in a specific area. is a unique mapping app which allows the offline map routing. The app has an offline map which can guide you even without the internet connection. The app features all most all routes of the world countries. The features are limited, but the included features are breathtaking ones. It worth a try.


Being the global leader of the navigation and mapping system the google maps has some disabilities too. So, some of the siblings which can do something more than the google maps are listed above. You must give them a try, because they worth it.

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