How to Protect Eyes from Computer

Modern day needs are pulling your eyes to the danger. Hours of work in front of the computer can badly affect your eyes and the vision. As we can’t avoid the computer in this tech world, we must take care of our eyes. Some of my friends who works a lot of hours with the computer told me, they are experiencing some eye problems like Burning sensation while using the computer and the Sensitivity to the light. All of them are small problems, but if you ignored it at the beginning, it may cause some permanent problem to your eyes. Mainly the eye strain is the big and common problem among you which includes the following categories.

  • Eye Dryness.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Double vision.
  • Pain on the eye veins.
  • Tearing constantly.
  • Pain on the eye muscles.
  • Reddish eye.
  • Headache.

If you are experiencing any of the above-given problems or similar to them, you must take care of your eyes before it gets too late. Don’t be tensed. They are all small problems that can be cured by proper care. The eyestrain isn’t known for any serious permanent eye damages. But a problem is always a problem. So, you must treat it. Before consulting an eye physician, try some of the tips we have listed below which can help you to adjust the habits to avoid this kind of problems.

How to Protect Eyes from Computer: Methods to Protect your Eyes from PC

Here we listed the must do things to protect your eyes from the computer. You must follow them to be safe with your eyes.

Eye protection in the Workplace and Modify Work Habits

The work habits have a great role in managing the daily tasks like how much time you spent on your computer or how often you are in front of it etc… You can simply change some of your habits to save your eyes from unnecessary problems.

Enlarge text

For reading small texts, your eye needs to focus on that very much. So, reading small texts for a while may cause eye strain. Especially for article writers or editors need to focus on the content for a while. While reading them, try to enlarge the content. It will help to reduce your eye strain because the eyes don’t want to make too much focus on large texts.

Read offline

If you are a person who loves reading or if you are attending some online tutorials which needs a lot of time in front of the computer. Try to take a Printout of the specific pages and read it offline. This will help your eyes to save some time without going in front of the PC. The light rays coming from the computer is not good for your eyes. So, try to avoid it at maximum.

Take Breaks

Continuous usage of the computer is good for your job, but bad for you. So, Take frequent brakes between the long usage. It is recommended to take at least 20 seconds break every 20 minutes. This can help your eyes to relax and restore energy again. While on the resting period, look into the long distance and move iris to all directions to relax the eye muscles. This will greatly help you to work continuously for hours without eye strain.

Re-position your monitor

Sometimes, Monitor position can also be a problem. Repositioning monitor can give a better comfort in front of the computer. Here is the picture showing the position of your eyes and the monitor.


Your eyes must be in a height that equals the top of the screen. This will reduce the intensity of the light coming to your eyes, thus providing a better experience on a computer screen. And another important thing is, your sitting structure must be as shown in the above picture. Don’t sit curving your body. This will help you to avoid any muscular problems and stress.


Relaxation is also important while working for a long time. You must relax at least for 5 minutes, every 1 hour. Stand from the sitting position and take a small walk if possible. This can relieve the stress of the eyes as well as the body.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Now, you got a basic idea about best work habits to follow while using the computer. That’s not enough to protect your eyes. You must adjust the lighting of the computer screen and the working room for a comfortable vision.

Adjust monitor brightness and contrast settings

The default monitor settings will be too bright. You will be surprised how bright your monitor is when you change the settings of the monitor. You won’t feel the brightness as you are constantly working with it. So, the high brightness can badly affect your eyes and cause the eye dryness. Go to the monitors settings (Usually, there may be some button on the monitor) and adjust the screen brightness and contrast according to your room lighting. It is always recommended to set the screen brightness as low as possible. It will reduce the lights coming from the monitor, thus providing a better vision and feel.

Wear Protective Eyewear and Anti-reflective glasses

If you consult a physician by telling your problems. They will suggest to reduce the usage time or to wear protective glasses while using the computer. Some particular specially made glasses for the computer are available. They protect your eyes by filtering extreme glare and lights. Some of the old monitors can produce some small UV rays that can damage your eye cells. By wearing Anti-reflective glasses, you can protect your eyes. So, consult a physician and wear a glass every time you uses your computer.

Moreover, Keep your Eyes Healthy

Keeping your eyes healthy is your duty. You decide whether to save or destroy your eyes. So, try to avoid the computer works at the maximum. Diagnosis of your eyes is also important. Check your eyes for any problems at least once in a year. This will help to identify the problems if any and take precautions. As I am always saying, it is always better to take Precautions than Remedies. So, Keep your Eyes, safe.

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