Access Cloud Accounts From Google Chrome Browser With These Extensions

Dropbox is a popular name among the cloud storage services. The services offered has a huge importance in fulfilling the cloud needs of the users. The Dropbox chrome extension can integrate the dropbox account to the browser. You can download files directly to your cloud instead of downloading it locally and then uploading it. An easy to use extension with multiple features. The cloud accounts can be managed as per your requirements. If you need multiple accounts with the extension, you need to authorize each account.

Save to google drive is a product from the Google itself. Apart from the usual icons added to the menu bar of the browsers, The Save to google drive is added to the Context menu. You can save any files directly to your cloud by Right clicking on that file which has a link. The web pages can be stored as PNG files wich can be altered to .doc or .html later. A unique featured cloud storage extension with fast transfer speed and simple elegantly designed interface. Giving it a try will never be refused.

Cloud Save is something more than a cloud storage extension. Apart from other cloud storage extensions that let you store the files to a specific storage service, the Cloud Save can send the files to almost all popular clouds like Dropbox, Google drive, Amazon cloud, and many more. Sweetening the popularity, It can even utilize photo storage services such as Picasa, Flickr, and even Facebook. A versatile extension with multiple features that can fulfill the cloud needs within a matter of minutes. You can customize the options to fit your needs. To do this, just go to the chrome extension manager and click the options under the Cloud Save extension.

Drive by JolliCloud

Drive is an extension from the JolliCloud team. A good extension to keep your files together with multiple storages. Good transfer speed offered is an appreciatable one. The icon will be added to the toolbar of the browser and can be accessed by clicking on it. It works in any type or format of content with an easy to use interface that let you drag and drop the files, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename and anything you wanted to do using your files. The secure access is a plus point of the extension.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a considerable member in the list. It can simply integrate the cloud accounts to the chrome API to give a file management window inside the browser itself. You can do all the basic things as you done with the above extensions. The large grid layout of the files is a unique way that the files are represented. Customization can be done from the extension settings window of the google chrome. The ease of use, drag and drop tools is a plus point.


There is a large number of Cloud extensions available on the google web store. But the above-given ones covers the most users and the best ratings out of them, As we personally using some of them, we can easily recommend it to you without any doubts. Apart from the normal access methods to your cloud accounts, the extension method is much more time saving and consists some more features. As some of them can even manage multiple cloud accounts, These extensions stand a chance and you must give them a try.

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