Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

The SD cards and Internal storage are not enough to carry your files on the go. The cloud storage has introduced as an addition to the basic storage needs. Cloud allows to keep your important files with you on the go. It is the best way to store the files secure than in your SD card or in your phone storage that can be lost any time. Cloud is the most authentic way to keep the files safe. You can access them anytime, anywhere if you have a device that has an internet connection. If you want to get access to the cloud storage, simply create cloud storage within some minutes and upload your files to it. Most of you own a smartphone and an access to the internet. Then why don’t you try the cloud?. So, we listed the 10 best cloud storage apps for android. Let’s give a look.

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1. OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service offered by the Microsoft Inc. They initially produced it for storing the Microsoft office files like Excel sheets, Word documents, etc… But, after it became a great success, they expanded it to support almost any kind of formats. If you really love the cloud, you must love OneDrive. The features offered by it is very descriptive ones that fit the exact requirements of the users. The app has a great upload and download speed that saves some of your valuable time.

2. Copy

Copy is a hidden name among the cloud storage apps. But it doesn’t mean it is a bad one. The great features included in it is capable of competing to the world leaders in cloud technology. The 15GB of free storage let you store your important files, images, videos and many more. The simplicity is the best eye catcher on the app. The easy processes let you make the process simple and effective.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular one on the industry. As any other google products, it has its own uniqueness from the siblings. The 15GB of free storage provided will never show a lag in serving you. Anybody with a google account can open their Google drive for uploading or managing the files. The great upload speed and download speed is a plus point.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage app that showed the unique way of storing the files safer in the cloud. The drag and drop tools are the main attraction of the app. You will get a small 2GB storage at the beginning, but you can avail up to 16GB of storage with some simple methods. Dropbox is the most capable competitor of the above cloud giants. The features are versatile than some of the above ones.

5. Box

Box is a Free app which gives 10GB free space with a file upload limit of 250MB. 10GB is quite decent to store the important files. If you exceed the limit and want to expand the storage. You can pay $10 per year for 25 GB of cloud storage. But the features are compromising the price and worth to be paid.

Cubby is the best option for those who cares a lot about security. The cubby app is available on the play store for free with a free storage space of 5GB. The highly encrypted data transfer and the most capable file sharing system is the best advantage of the cubby app. You can share the file download links to your friends to share your files in a secure way. It is also extremely customizable as you decide.

7. MediaFire

MediaFire gives a 12GB of free storage at the start, and you can expand it up to 50GB either by completing some offers or promos or by paying $2.50 a month for 100 GB. It sounds a little higher than the competitors. But the tools are worthy to be paid. You may have came across the Mediafire files several times while trying to download some files from the internet. This proclaims its great existence on the field.

8. Mega

Mega gives you 50GB of free cloud storage with high-end encryption. To share the files, they will provide a short link to the file. You may set access keys to it or make it open as you prefer. Mega shows some lags in the upload process sometimes. Only a few times. So, it is a small drawback of the app. But overall the performance is much explainable. You can simply drag and drop the files to the mega screen to upload the files to the cloud.

SpiderOak provides a very small 2GB of cloud storage. But it doesn’t make it bad enough. The security system of the app is unbreakable by any of the hackers. SpiderOak cares a lot about the privacy of the users. The data is transferred through a highly encrypted connection over the internet. You can also create the individual file sharing links which automatically disables after the usage. If you care about the privacy of your files, You must give it a try.

Bitcasa provides a 20GB of free cloud storage. You can upload your videos and files to the cloud with a decent uploading speed. The online streaming of the videos is a unique feature introduced in it. Thus, you don’t want to download the videos again from the cloud to watch them. The app integrates the cloud to the ‘Share’ menu of your device. Thus, if you want to share a file to the bitcasa cloud. You can simply share it from the current window itself without going to the bitcasa app.


We selected the above apps from a series of Trials using them. All of them leads in the cloud storage industry with their own unique features which enable all you cloud needs. You can choose the best out of them according to your storage and security needs. Selecting a specific app is always a difficult task. We hope our list helped you to choose the right one. If so, let us know that through your comments. We will be always motivated by the comments you leave there.

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