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Genesis Framework WordPress Theme Review – The SEO Master

Genesis Framework is one of the best selling themes on the market. The theme is a product from the StudioPress developers. It is a theme which is stable, well coded, completely manipulated, SEO friendly and crafted for speed. All in one solution for a clean and speedy website. The theme is tagged around $59.95. Child themes are the main attraction of the Genesis Framework. The developers heaven can produce any amount of child themes with the help of the framework. The developers always choose the Genesis to create amazing child themes as they decide.

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The SEO friendliness is the most discussed feature of the Genesis. The well coded and simple design can ensure the co-operation with the search engines. If you are confused about choosing the Genesis theme, here is the genesis framework WordPress theme review.

Genesis Framework WordPress Theme Review: Features

Genesis is the warehouse of a number of features. The completely customizable design can bring a workplace without limitations. The high-end responsiveness can handle any type of customization made by the developers. The features are well crafted to no to disturb the designers and developers. Moreover, it is built on the HTML5 to ensure the latest features. So, let’s have a look into the complete genesis WordPress theme features.

SEO Friendliness

Search engine is the one that decides whether to rank or not your content. To be ranked better on them, you must need well-coded and well-managed content alongside with a good theme. The theme is the basic coding factor which search engines look for any malicious codes. So, the Genesis is crafted carefully with the extreme SEO friendly code and design. Thus, making it be friendly with the search engine boats.


Clean and Responsive design

The best part of the genesis is that the clean design. Apart from those kindergarten backgrounds and over designed sidebars, Genesis shown a simple border separation which is great to watch. Instead of some ajax menu structures which decrease the website speed considerably, the genesis framework used some simple and elegant menu structures which is not that much bad to watch. The power of the simplicity made true through the clean design. The theme is very Responsive in any sizes of the screen. The auto adjusting columns and images can resize their selfs to maintain a good design in any devices.

Genesis Framework WordPress Theme Review-customization

Highly Customizable

Genesis themes are well customizable. As I said before, it is a good friend of the developers. There is already hundreds of child themes of the genesis. It shows the customizability of the genesis theme. There are a number of options available for the customization, or you may choose some third party genesis customization plugins like Genesis Extender or Design Platte Pro, which let you completely customize your theme without a single line of code.

High-End Security

Security of the website and the theme is very important in this cyber world. The genesis fulfills all security needs with unbreakable security options crafted by the exceptional coding. Don’t worry about the unwanted malicious codes or spam which may enter your website to steal your or the users information. The genesis will take care of it by providing extreme security to your theme.


Hundreds of Child Themes

The Basic Genesis framework theme is parenting hundreds of child themes already. The extreme customizability can provide the ease of customizations, thus, allowing to produce some excellent child themes. There is a number of child themes available on the internet market. The Magazine Pro is a popular genesis child theme. All of them are originated from the basic Framework with some changes in the look and feel. But the basic coding is same for all, which ensures the basic features are stable.

Crafted for Speed

Genesis is completely crafted for the speed. The simple and elegant design considerably decreases the loading time, thus, increasing the speed of the website. There are no such complex CSS or background images to load in the theme. The well built coding structure also boosts the speed very well. The speed is tested by the best website speed testing tools, and the genesis jumped over with a nice score.

Genesis Framework WordPress Theme Review-woocommerce

WooCommerce ready

Genesis can also support the WooCommerce market if you wish to create an online store in your own website. The Clean and Professional looking design can showcase your products on the website. Not a great WooCommerce theme, But genesis manages to reach the audience to a great extent.

Supports a Wide range of Widgets and Plugins

My favorite with the genesis. It doesn’t block any of the plugins or widgets we install in our WordPress website. A wide range plugins (Almost all) can be installed and used with the genesis WordPress theme. You don’t need to avoid those favorite plugins due to the theme supportability problems. The genesis will take care of them all by completely integrating the codes together.

Genesis Framework WordPress Theme Review

Easy Updates

Theme updates are very important to stay updated with the latest changes and the bug fixes of the theme. Genesis framework provides easy updates which update your theme to the latest one and with some more features added if any. Updates will be notified, and you can prefer whether to install or not.


Features of the Genesis WordPress Themes

  • SEO friendly coding
  • Ultra-fast loading speed
  • Responsive HTML5 designs
  • Great security system to ensure the protection of the theme and website.
  • Easy updates
  • Never disturbed performance
  • Highly Customizable
  • Clean and neat design
  • Pleasing Code structure
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Supports almost all plugins


Genesis Framework WordPress theme is a good option if you love the simplicity in the great designs. The specially crafted codes with ultra fast page loading speed and the carefully structured coding can boost the overall website performance. The SEO friendliness of the theme is unquestioned among the competitors. If you are a Developer, you can also choose the theme if you want to do something more than just a theme design. The genesis Framework is a better platform to build child themes. All in all, The Genesis WordPress theme is a Great one and worthy to be bought. It is my favorite too.

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