How to Watch UEFA Euro 2016 Worldwide, Related Apps and Games

UEFA Euro 2016 France is scheduled to start on 10th June 2016 as the 15th edition of the UEFA European Championship. The matches will be held in 10 venues all over the France. If you are a hardcore football fan, you might be seeking for the ways to watch the battle between your favorite teams, and you will be preparing the Television and other ways to watch it. Nice to have those visuals on the TV. But, if not?. If any problems or occurs for the broadcasting channels, the specific restrictions in live broadcasting, or the specific country restrictions will block the telecast of the live matches. You will be just like a gloomy candle.

But, we have the solution for that. A perfect VPN (Virtual Private Network) service can let you watch UEFA Euro 2016 worldwide without any problems. In this article on How to watch UEFA Euro 2016 worldwide, related apps and games. We are sharing the ways to watch the Euro 2016 France without having any troubles and the games and apps related to the Uefa Euro 2016. So, let’s have a look

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UEFA Euro 2016: VPNs to use

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) can create a private connection over your ISP given you. This virtual private connection can hide your current location and connection details, thus, let you watch the UEFA Euro 2016 from any part of the world. All you need is to have a perfect VPN service to help you. We listed some good VPN services which can help you to do so.


Safer VPN

Safer VPN is such a safe VPN service which utilizes a large number of servers placed all over the world to provide a completely safe and speedy virtual private connection which is highly encrypted. It utilizes the network routers running the open-source DD-WRT and Tomato with high performance. Not only for streaming blocked content but the VPN service is useful for being safe from the malicious attacks and to be protected from the hackers and spammers. Safer VPN is comparatively cheap in price. So, It is a good choice to watch the UEFA Euro 2016 from any part of the world without any restrictions.

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Express VPN

Express VPN is another good choice if you prefer the security and speed of your connection. It utilizes a 256-bit encryption to ensure the protection of your connection. Never need to worry about the hackers over this connection. The high-performance servers can utilize the maximum speed possible to ensure the proper data flow. Being anonymous is made simple by this service. Any blocked content can be accessed over your private network without any restrictions. Express VPN is a good choice to watch the Euro 2016 without any restrictions.

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IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is one of the most useful VPN providers. It creates a virtual connection using the servers placed on 50+ various countries all over the world to and has a 256-Bit encrypted connection over the ISP. The network will be Routed through the IPVanish servers, thus, allowing to stream the blocked content through the connection. The people in the US and the UK can utilize the multiple server connections to ensure they have the access to those blocked streaming. So, this VPN  also allowing you to watch the UEFA Euro 2016 from any part of the world.

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OverPlay VPN

OverPlay VPN is another reputed VPN service which allows you to access the blocked websites by creating a virtual network which utilizes the servers placed all over the world. When compared to those VPN services which reduces the internet connection speed considerably when connecting to the private network, OverPlay has a great speed. This is a considerable solution to watch the UEFA Euro 2016 without any restrictions.

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Cactus VPN

Cactus VPN is a powerful VPN provider with multiple features which can help you out for many other VPN requirements. The cheapness is another important popularity booster of this VPN service. Compared to other VPN services, the cactus has a very cheap rate. But, the features are not compromised for the price. The multiple devices support and the best data encryption is provided alongside the ultimate connection speeds. This is also a solution to Watch the UEFA Euro 2016 held in France.

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UEFA Euro 2016 Related Apps and Games

As the Euro 2016 made the whole football fans go excited, There are also some apps and games of the Euro 2016 which made the gamers and nerds to enjoy Euro from their own android smartphones. So, let’s have a look at the UEFA Euro 2016 related apps and games.

Official UEFA EURO 2016 app

Official UEFA Euro 2016 app provides every detail you want to know about the Euro 2016. All you need to know about the teams, players, matches, fixtures, standings and everything about the game is listed and detailed on the app. You can also read news about the euro alongside with the related videos on the tournament. During the match, you can know the live stats and complete details of the match. An official app which can help you to explore the whole details of the Euro 2016 France.

Euro 2016 France app

Euro 2016 France app is not an official release, but it has all the features of the above-given app except a very few. This is another great app which list out all the details regarding your favorite soccer tournament. The features are loaded to give you a complete idea about the tournament. An app which worth to be tried.

Play Euro 2016 Countdown

Play Euro 2016 countdown is a soccer game with a decent graphics quality. You can play with your favorite teams against your rivals. A place to enjoy the Euro 2016 before its arrival. The game shows some scorecards and achievements too, all make it a good game to play.

Euro 2016 game: Logo Puzzle

A little different from the usual soccer games, the Euro 2016 game: logo puzzle is a puzzle game where you can play by completing the logos of the 53 countries in the Euro qualifying list. A fun game where you move the different parts of the logo to the correct location to complete the puzzle.


Hope you got the idea to watch the Upcoming Euro without any restrictions. We also listed some games and apps to play their euro season. All the best for your favorite team, and enjoy the Euro 2016 France.

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