10 Logos of World Famous Companies with Hidden Meanings

The Logo of a company is a branding which holds the symbol or the trademark of it. The logo’s are the fingerprints to recognize them. So, world famous companies created their logo with a great goal and made them very catchy and descriptive. More than some visionary purposes, some of those creative and artistic logos has some hidden meanings inside them. They are just not selecting the logos from a random selection of images. But, they are looking to future and includes very depth meaning inside a very small image. So, we decided to list some of the best logos of world famous tech companies with hidden meanings. The logos and their hidden facts are listed below.

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1. Amazon – Everything from A to Z

Amazon is a popular name among the online shoppers. The logo of the company also is a popular one. While taking the first look at the logo, you may assume that there is a smiling face represented by an arrow which pointing from the letter ‘A’ to ‘Z’. But you got something more to realize on the catchy logo. The intention behind the arrow is that the amazon consists of almost all products from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. The largest warehouse of various products included thousands to select from. So, the logo describes the intention of the company.


2. Apple – Tale of Adam and Eve

Looking at the apple logo, you may assume that, it’s a simple apple logo with a bite which selected randomly. But actually, you got it wrong. The apple logo symbolizes the forbidden fruit on the “Tree of Knowledge” which was on the Garden of Eden. The logo of the apple also connected with Sir Issac Newton, the father of gravity. Both of them has their own explanations which strengthen the statements. The logo is not just a digital drawing but it created precisely followed by some mathematical series including the bite on the side.


3. Wikipedia – Incomplete nature

The Wikipedia logo is a globe comprised with a puzzle of different letters taken from various languages all over the world. The Incomplete globe represents the “Incomplete nature” of Wikipedia towards their goal. Wikipedia is a website built on different submissions from the users from various languages all over the world. Thus, the site never completes and growing day by day and the knowledge inside the website increasing drastically. That’s why they represented the incomplete globe as the Wikipedia logo.


4. Ubuntu – Human Kindness

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system which is one of the favorites of the users. The name of Ubuntu is inherited from the South African word Ubuntu which means “human kindness.” The logo also describes the intention with the people holding hands together and looking towards the sky with a kindness. Very clever selection of the logo for a leading Operating system in the world.


5. Picasa – A Depository of Photos

Picasa is a google company concentrated on image editing, sharing, and organizing photos. It has a quite good looking logo with the colorful parts representing the camera shutter. Looking to the center portion, you can see a house like structure. in Spanish ‘Casa’ means “house” while “Pi” can be shorthand for Pixel Index. By stitching them together. We can assume that it is a Depository of photos.


6. LG – The Smiling Face

LG is a favorite brand in the electronics field. Looking to the LG logo you will notice ‘L’ and ‘G’ letters stacked on a rounded button. But the logo has something more than that. Take a second look at it. This time some more closer, you will notice a smiling face smartly created using these two letters. The ‘L’ as the nose and the ‘G’ as the outline of the face. The company’s tagline is itself ‘Life is Good’. So, they gave a smiling face in their logo to state their tag,


7. FedEx – The Buried Arrow

You may have come across the FedEx logo many times. But ever noticed the arrow between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’?. The chances are very rare. The all-time classic logo was created in the past 2000’s by creating an entirely new font specially crafted to get this arrow between those last two letters. The creator made use of the negative space wisely in the logo. The buried arrow shows the Positive and Forward thinking of the company. The companies positive look towards the future is clearly expressed in the logo itself.


8. IBM – Equality for All

IBM logo is something crafted using some horizontal lines placed in a specific manner. You got it wrong. The world leaders in the technology products made their logo years before by a message of ‘Equality for all‘. The equal signs are placed everywhere in the logo as the building blocks of three letters. Someone describes the logo was created in a very late period and the white lines are formed due to the very old machine mistakes. Anyway, the logo expresses a great message in one manner.


9. Pinterest – Pin it

Pinterest is a social media giant. The ‘Pin it‘ icon over various blog posts and images are very familiar to us. They originated by a theme of pinning. The ‘pin’ and ‘interest’ are two features in this social website. So, they stitched them to originate a name ‘Pinterest’. The pinning process represented by a pin icon on the rounded button which also represents the structure of a pin used to pin something on a board. The ‘P’ letter is their trademark and they using it to represent the company.



10. Sony VAIO – Analog & Digital

Sony Vaio is a favorite brand for laptops. Recently sony announced the discontinuation of the laptop products. Anyway, let’s look into their logo. On the Vaio logo, The “VA” portion is in the shape of an analog wave while the “IO” depicts the digits one and zero which is the basic digital values of a computer. The descriptive vision behind this creative logo is appreciatable. They designed it very well by depicting the Analogue and Digital signals as the part of the logo without expressing it in the very first look.

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