How to Record Android Gameplay

Android devices dominating the tech market for the past years. Gamers are all having a good time on the high-end devices which perform very well on the modern day games. All of you like games and you also like to share your skills on the games to the outer world. The best way is to record the gameplay and share it on the internet. The process is very familiar to you on PC. But on android, the game recording is not a familiar task. Today we are discussing How to record android gameplay in your smartphone. All you needed is a smartphone with decent performance and running on Android lollipop or higher.

How to Record Gameplay in Android devices

Recording gameplay in android devices is super simple now. Before we getting started, make sure you have the latest version of the google play games installed your smartphone. If you don’t have already, download it from here. After having the google play games installed on your device, login to the google play store with your Gmail account.

Note: Not all games can record the gameplay. Some of them may not work with the screen recording feature. But, google introduced this in as much as games possible in the latest versions of the android.

Then open Google play games app installed in your android device. Once you are on the Google play games app, Select “My Games” in the menu, and tap the “Installed” tab. Now you will see a list of installed games on your smartphone as you can see on the screenshot below.


Tap the game you want to record. Now you will see a Record button red in color near the play button as you can see on the screenshot below.


Now, a window asking to select the recording quality will appear. You can select any of the 480P for standard quality or 720P for High definition videos.


After tapping “Next“, the game will launch. You will see your face on the game window alongside with the recording button to start or stop recording, a microphone button to enable or disable the microphone, and a video button. You can drag and drop your front camera visual to any part of the game. If you done recording, just tap the front facing visual bubble. Now, you will get a notification saying your video has been saved successfully. The video will be saved in the “Screencasts” folder on your device, and you’ll see it on your photo gallery. Now, you can upload it to youtube or other online streaming websites to make it popular. You can also save it to your flash memory to keep the memories of your good times.

We hope this helped you to record android gameplay in your device. If so, please let us know that through your comments, we are always happy to hear that from you.

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