Apple Admitted the Battery Meter Bug of iOS 9 in iPhone 6

Apple admitted the battery meter bug of iOS 9 in iPhone 6. If you are an iPhone 6 user, you might came across this bug. If you change the time of your device or the timezone in any situation, the battery percentage won’t update anymore. It will be stuck on the current percentage and you will not be able to estimate your battery percentage. Though, the only way to know the real battery left is to go to the settings and check battery option. This sounds like a long task and not a practical one to check every time by going to the settings screen.

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Apple already provided the support for this bug titled as “If your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus battery percentage doesn‘t update.” in their support page. Apple suggests a method to fix this error. They said:

If you change the time on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus manually or change time zones when traveling, you might notice that the battery percentage doesn’t update.

To fix this error. Apple suggested the steps in their support. The steps to fix the battery bug in iOS 9 is given below:

  1. Restart your iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Then Go to General.
  4. Now, Head up to the Date & Time.
  5. Make sure that Set Automatically option is turned on.

If the problem still exists, company says to not change the time or time zone on your device. They added that “Apple is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause and a solution.” The users complained about this bug in the past year itself. Some of them posted on their twitter timeline about the bug and blamed apple a lot. Apple is trying to fix the bug in the coming IOS 9.3 update. They are to introduce some new features like Touch ID, Night Shift etc… in the upcoming IOS 9.3 version. The users can also expect improvements in the old apps and configurations with the new IOS release.

Apple got to know the battery bug in the last month only. So, they are very late to start working on it. The bug made some iPhone users to blame the OS. But it is not a problematic one, it only shows a visual problem of the battery percentage of the device. Currently, the IOS 9.3 is available for the developers only. So, the normal users have to wait some more time for the bug fixed IOS version.

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