Bluboo Picasso with Sapphire Glass Display Details Leaked

Bluboo Picasso is the first of its kind to come wit an extremely hard Sapphire glass which can resist accidental drops and scratches. The Sapphire glass is the perfect fit to provide a tough face to the smartphones with its extreme tough material. Some of the smartphone manufacturers using the sapphire to protect the camera and fingerprint sensors. The material is very costly but the Bluboo Picasso is priced only $99.99 including everything under the hood. The company may be doing a great job by producing a cheap smartphone with good features.

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Bluboo Picasso with Sapphire Glass Display Details



The above sketch shows the basic structure of the device. You could notice a camera with a dual flash sibling. There is nothing more on the back to focus on. If you need a clearer image which is the one and only image of the device out from the company, look at the picture below.


This shows a greatly designed device with some sparkles on the back cover. The greatly engineered curves and the slim designs may also attract the attention of the users. The 5-inch HD On-Cell display is filling the front portion which is made of the sapphire material. The gorilla glass is a trend among the unbreakable devices these days. But the bluboo took a chance by introducing their product with the sapphire which is harder than the gorilla glass. The clarity of the screen won’t be affected by the new material applied on it.

It will be running on the quad-core MT6580 chipset from Mediatek powered by a 2GB RAM. These specs are amazing to hear while other good brands bargain more than $200 for the same specs.The device has a 16GB ROM too which boosts the popularity. A front facing camera with 8.0 MP clarity is also a good addition to the specs sheet. The hardware rumors are pleasing for a price range of $99.

Of course, the Sapphire glass used in the display is the most awaited feature of the phone. The material is well known for its hardness and it is commonly very costly. But the Bluboo managed to have this material on their product all for a great price of $99. Despite the fact that, the company is not a well-known one on the industry. But, it shows a huge value for money by introducing a great smartphone with almost half of the price when compared to the competitors. The well-known brands even show some disabilities both in price and in the hardware stability. So, this kind of newbies deserves a try. The device will be launched in this or next month (as per the rumors). So, let’s wait for it.

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    Jones Blake May 30, 2016 at 9:13 am

    I found an interesting video for Bluboo Picasso and other 3 similar smartphones, watch here: and you can get more info about this device.

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