SURGE Conference 2016, Bengaluru, India – The Tech World Meets

If you are an entrepreneur with good business ideas and a passion of being the best on the industry, SURGE conference will redirect you to the right path. SURGE is a web summit where the tech world meets under one roof to share their visions and ideas. The first time in India, SURGE makes it true the flaming joining of the world leaders in the business together. Nicolas Brusson, Sachin Bansal, Rohit Bansal, Shradha Sharma, Benjamin Bauer, Bipin Singh, Ray Chan and many more shining stars are joining you in the conference. What else you need than a direct conversation between them to be a successful entrepreneur?.

SURGE web summit held for the last 5 years in all over Europe and grown from just 400 attendees to 42000 in that period. The conference tagged as the “Best technology conference on the planet” by the same voice of the attendees from over 134 counties. The first time in India, such a global summit of the business persons from huge companies like Twitter, Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Forbs, Ford, Google, LG, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Intel, VMware, Dominos, etc… are all sharing bench to spread their ideas to you. Never hesitate to be there at Manpho Convention Center, Bengaluru on February 23-24, 2016 when the world’s biggest brands, leading investors, and most promising startups come together for SURGE. Bengaluru will host the 2 days event to make a mark on the history of SURGE. So, be ready to fall in love with Bengaluru.

What to expect from SURGE Conference

As you could get a lot of such tech conferences from all over the world, SURGE shows its diversity from all of them by having the best entrepreneurs on the stage. You should expect a lot from these two days to hear from those who rules the tech industry. You will get:

  1. Speeches of the world famous entrepreneurs including their ideas and experience.
  2. Two full days to present your product, meet potential investors, attend round-tables and workshops which all helps to run towards your success.
  3. A big opportunity to interact with the best on the field.
  4. The Access to SURGE networking app which helps you build connections prior to the event.

These are the crisp list of what you get from the SURGE. The things are far beyond this. You will definitely get what you are deserved. The inspiring speeches can give a right idea to clear your doubts. They will be well described and will be capable of bringing you to the next level. Moreover, you could interact with your role models directly to get your questions answered. They will be very free to answer you as we seen on the previous SURGE conferences. You can build connections with your siblings on the internet to build a great network between all of them. So, the February is gonna rock the Bengaluru and the Whole tech world.

Who will be with you on the SURGE stage

As I said before the representatives of the world famous companies like Twitter, Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Forbs, Ford, Google, LG, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Intel, VMware, Dominos, etc… will be there on the SURGE conference. You can find the famous names like:

You could find out the attendees list from SURGE website or you can request an email to know the complete list of the Featured attendees at the program. Maybe that list contains some more big names.

Do you have something to share with the Crowd

If you want to speak to the crowd for sharing something your own. Go to this link and be ready with you speech. This is the right place to share what you have on your mind. If you get selected by the team, think that you got a right stage where you can express your ideas to the tech world and get the attention of the giants on the field.

How to Get in there

If you are interested in being a part of the SURGE conference, you could get in there to meet the right persons for your right path. To be a SURGE attendee click here to buy the tickets. You have a vast range of choices and options to select from. You may access them as you decide by selecting the best fit for you or your team. There is only a limited number of tickets available on the store.

We will be there with you

We also will be there to share a seat with you. As a reputed tech website on the internet, thetechhacker also got an invitation to join the SURGE conference for FREE. It’s an honor to us to join the crowd to get new ideas to improve our self. So, we are excited to get all of you there.

This is the best chance to interact with the whole tech world within just two days. Because there you can find out almost all big names interacting each other. So, missing this opportunity will be a big loss in your tech life. Such a big tech conference is the first time India. Apart from those small ones which held in the previous years, SURGE has its own importance to get you up on your field. The tickets are very limited and it separated as three divisions namely Early, Regular and Late. As much as you wait to take the tickets, that much they will cost. If you really interested in participating in the conference, you must be quick. Wish you all the best for the conference and for your future, and see you there at SURGE. Here is the complete address of the SURGE 2016 program center.

Manpho Convention Centre, 91/4, Veeranna Palya, Nagawara Ring Road, Opposite BEL Corporate Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045, India



Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Thetechhacker, Phone Opinions, and Ask Hacker. After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology.

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