Elephone P9000 Coming with Wireless Charging

Elephone P9000 is an Exquisitely crafted device from the Elephone. The company added a wireless charging feature to the spec sheet of the phone. The feature was revealed today from the spec sheet of the Elephone P9000 in the company website. They updated the specs page with full details included. The spec sheet includes a 1920 x 1080 pixels 5.5 inch OGS screen. Under the hood, there is a 4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. All fueled by a 3000mAh battery.

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The company listed the wireless charging as an additional feature of the device. The Wireless charging dock is listed as an accessory. So, we want to purchase it separately from the device. The wireless charging became a good option to charge the smartphones without having those wires which makes a lot of confusions. Many companies accepted this as an option instead of the traditional chargers. The device placed on the charging dock will be automatically charged. So, Elephone also included this as a late option to their flagship smartphone. The picture below shows the image of the charging dock with the Elephone P9000.


Elephone recently announced the Elephone Vowney with a sensational display. It was a great successor of the elephone family. As a continuation, elephone brings the wireless charging to their new device alongside with some other features like fingerprint app lock integrated with the Android 6.0 marshmallow OS. The 4G LTE technology is also incorporated on the device to provide a lag-free communication. The superior quality hardware used performs better than the competitors with the same specs inside.

Anyways, The wireless charging is a blessing to the users to avoid those creepy wires with make a big confusion while trying to charge the device. Most of you will be that kind, who put all chargers together and the chargers with ten’s of wires make a problem to select the right one for the device. The revolutionary change in the charging made it true the avoiding of the wires. All you want to do is to put your device above the charging dock surface. After completely charging the device, just take it from the dock. done.

But, recently some rumors said that the wireless charging increases the charging time because of the less power when compared to the normal wired chargers. Anyway, the Elephone P9000 brings a good addition to the list of features included with the device. So, let’s hope the problems with the wireless charging will be fixed on this device.

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