A Tricky and Quick way to Free up iPhone Memory

Even at the presence of a stable wifi or a rock-solid mobile data connection, is you iPhone making you wait? With such a sweet device in hand, being late to do tasks are very irritating. One of the best products in the global market has a good hardware inside covered by a nice outer design. Then why don’t you getting a good speed on the device? How to Free up iPhone Memory to speed up the device? The question is asked by many of you from the day itself you own the device. Usually, a large number of apps installed or the poorly coded ones may be causing the problems. They uses a high amount of memory in you iPhone, thus causing the slow down.

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How to Free up iPhone Memory

So, Freeing up the iPhone memory became a necessity to well maintain the device in its usual way. Memory booster apps have their own limitations and it might be taking some time to have the task done. It is a secondary option while you have an easy and quickest way to free up some amount of the valuable memory in your iPhone. Many of the iPhone users, even you are not aware of this simple way to quickly free up some valuable memory in your iPhone.

free up iphone memory

The steps are very simple. To free up some memory, Unlock your device then hold down the power button until the “slide to power off” screen appears in your phone. Usually, you are familiar this screen to turn off your device. But, this time, instead of sliding it to power off, you need to do something different. Again press and hold your Home button for a few seconds until you are again returned to the home screen of the device. That’s it, now your memory flushed and you got some amount of memory freed up in your iPhone.

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Note: To return to the Home screen, don’t tap the cancel button. If you do so, you will be returned to home screen, but the memory won’t be flushed. So, follow the exact steps given above.

Instead of trying or before trying some memory flushing apps which also uses some of your memory to operate, just try this quick and simple method to free up iPhone memory. This won’t affect your system performance or any of the apps. It simply flushes the unnecessary memory in your device. It won’t speed up your device like a rocket, but it will definitely give you some free memory which may be useful for you. So, stop restarting your iPhone to speed up and try this method.


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