One Plus 2 16 GB Model Launches in India

Last July, the Chinese smartphone maker One Plus released the One Plus 2 only as a 64 GB variant.The device was priced around Rs. 24999. The unique features of the One Plus 2 made it to the list of the successful devices from the company. Now, they announced the 16 GB model of the One Plus 2 in India. At the time of launch, the device got so many curse due to only the 64 GB variant. Now, the company vanished the curse by introducing the new One Plus 2 16 GB variant for a price tag of Rs. 22, 999. The device will be available exclusively through the Amazon online store.

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The company finally fulfilled the promise by introducing the 16 GB version of the smartphone to the Indian market. The One Plus 2 16 GB model will come with the same specs as the 64 GB one unless a few.The new device will have a 16GB eMMC v5.0 storage instead of 64GB in the previous model. The RAM will be cut off to 3 GB from 4 GB. The display will be of a 5.5-inch 1080p one as the previous variant. The Snapdragon CPU and the Adreno GPU all will all remain same as the 64 GB model of the One Plus 2.

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The device will be exclusively available in amazon within a few days. The releases in other countries in North America will be a little more late than the Indian release. It may differ up to one month to release in other countries in north America. All are rumor based speculations and the actual date and things may change as per the decision of the company in coming days. The company posted the following lines in their forum regarding the late shipment of the product.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Although some fans may be disappointed to hear this news, we would rather be transparent about the situation.

Till the date there are thousands of people pre-booked the device. As the previous version of the device was a great successor. The One Plus fans are eagerly waiting to welcome the new member of the series. The company already attracted thousands of people all over the world with the exceptional build quality and design of the previous product. So, it might be easier to sell the follower of the successor. If you want to know more about the One Plus 2, read our Review of the One Plus 2.

So, the device is ready for the royal launch as the follower of a great device. It is the best option if you need some average storage with extreme performance. It is ideal for the gamers and the video nerds too. The pricing of the device is a little higher when compared to other Chinese manufacturers. But the quality in the build and the performance hides this disability.

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