Motorola Moto X Force will Replace your Cricket ball

Motorola just launched the Motorola Moto X force smartphone today. The device is named to be the strongest device ever made by Motorola. Other rumors also states the device might be the strongest smartphone in the world. Supporting the rumors, the company itself prepared some trailers of the product where the smartphone is hardly disturbed by dropping on hard surfaces. The video gone viral within no time of the release. In the trailer of the product, apart from describing the features and specs of the device to state that it is the best, Motorola accepted a straightforward way of expressing the quality in the build.

In the video shown below, you can see the live testing of the Moto X force by the Rick Osterloh who is the President of the Motorola mobility. He drops three devices, the iPhone 6s, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the mighty Motorola Moto X. The display of other two devices got hurt very badly while the Motorola survived the test like a Boss.

A simple but effective trailer for  such a great device of the Motorola.

If you are not impressed with the strength of the Moto X force from that 5 feet drop. You have a 1000 feet drop test conducted by the iGyaan. The video below shows the extreme test on the device by dropping it from a great height of 1000 feets! The height wasn’t still enough to break te hard screen and body of the Moto X. It survived this extreme test too.

Still do you think the device is not capable of competing with the iPhone 6 which is considered as the best smartphone on the planet. The both competitors are extremely tested with many drops from various heights and different surfaces. The iPhone might look shy after the whole test process.

It is very hard to break the 5.4-inch 2,560 x 1,440 panel (QHD) panel is protected by a five layer system which made the device the first ever shatterproof smartphone on the planet. The 50K budget device overcomes the extreme test one by one. The YouTubers and tech bloggers testing the device like mad with some extreme testing methods. Thy dropping it from several heights, beating it with the hammer, riding vehicles over it to ensure the companies offer on the screen. Here is another video which shows some more extreme tests on the Moto X force.

After all this, there is no wonder why the company offered a 4-year warranty for the screen of the Moto X force. It’s that much powerful as stating the headline of the article. You can even play cricket using the device. (lol. I was just trying to state it’s hardness). So, the Motorola device is gonna rock the smartphone world with its extreme hardness on the outer part and the exceptional performance inside.

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