List of Internet Bandwidth Monitor Tools

Every Internet user knows the importance of bandwidth usage. Most of the companies put a cap to Internet usage; it will stop after reaching the limit or the user will be charged to extra amount after the limit is over. I’m using an Internet service named as unlimited plan, but in real after 40GB usage, the speed drops to half. Some Internet Service Providers will charge extra amount after certain GB usage. To minimize the cost of the Internet usage according to our need five tools available to check Internet usage. These tools provide bandwidth monitor feature, which helps you to check the usage of every session you spend on the Internet.


NetLimiter is a very powerful to know your bandwidth usage. The program is designed for Windows operating system and it as very advanced features to use. It offers very powerful control over your internet usage; it can be used to monitor and control the Internet usage every second.

NetMeter Evo

NetMeter Evo is yet another network monitoring tool available for Windows. It offers customizable graph, incoming and outgoing bytes usage and support for modern keyboards for Logitech’s G19 and G15 keyboard LCD displays.

BitMeter II

BitMeter II is a simple software available for Windows. It lets you monitor your Internet bandwidth usage visually. The program shows a detailed graph with upload and download speed over time. The program has some features like data limit warning, stopwatch, calculator to know the downloading time, and spreadsheet support and much more.

Bandwidth Monitor Pro

Bandwidth Monitor Pro is a simple tool to identify your network usage. The program uses a small popup Window and shows the analyzed results of your internet download and upload speeds on your screen.


vnStat is a network monitoring tool for Linux and BSD environments. It offers very quick and simple installation. It can monitor your network bandwidth hourly, daily, monthly, weekly, top 10 days basis. It has lot more features to know more about your Internet statistics.



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