10 Best VOIP or Video Chat Apps for Android

Nowadays, it is very hard to reach a person without a smartphone. The smartphones and other android powered devices have reached the tables of almost all homes. Chatting and Calling are the brothers who travelled alongside the smartphones. Anyone can’t avoid them from their smartphones. Nowadays, everyone reaching someone else through the Voice / Video calling features of their devices and the casual calling already gone out of fashion. Moreover, they have gone to a thinking “why to choose a costly method to communicate while we have the daily used internet in hands?”.

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So, many of the users chose the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or Video chat apps for their communications. It’s better and smoother than the traditional calling methods. But, you need an app to perform the action using your lovely device. Choosing the right app is always an important thing. So, we listed the Top 10 best VOIP or Video chat apps for android. Check them out, and choose the right one of your choice.

Best VOIP or Video Chat Apps for Android

1. Skype

Skype is one of the best VOIP or Video chat apps on the play store.  The skype was founded in 2003. By the past 13 years, it grown like a huge tree. Now, it powers millions of users all over the internet and helping them to make free chats. But, you need to have some skype credits to make voice calls through skype. Skype is one of the best voip options available now. The quality of the calls makes it unique from all others.

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2. Fring

Fring is an all in one solution for all your communications. You can make free Calls, Group Calls, Texting, Video, Group Video, and many more using the Fring app. High-quality video calls and VOIP is a unique feature of the app. Users can have uninterrupted communication even on the slow connections. It features many other useful tools that can be used for making online conferences group chats etc…

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3. Tango

Tango is another great app to make video calls and voice calls over the internet. The app offers a wide range of features when compared to others on the list. Nothing more than the above ones, but the features are capable of competing with them. Nevertheless to say that the app offers the features like, free Calls, Group Calls, Texting, Video, Group Video, and many more.

4. ooVoo

ooVoo is yet another excellent tool with a catchy UI and simple design. The app shows its uniqueness with the easy to use options nad one-tap call feature. Users can make high-quality video and voice calls over the internet. The app uses only a small amount of bandwidth without compromising the quality of the communication. Users can also make group chats and conferences using ooVoo.

5. Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a great product from google which lets you hangout with your friends online. There is no introduction needed for this google product. It is already very popular among the users and some of you may be using the app. It offers video calling alongside a voice call option. It is one of the best voice call options you could ever opt out.

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Price: Free

6. Viber

Viber also allows you make video and voice calls over the internet. The app is available for all major platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows. The high-quality voice and video calls offered make it a mighty one on the list. Viber is one of the fastest growing communication solutions over the time. Millions of users already depending the app for their conversations.

Price: Free+


LINE was one of the best renown names on the playstore. The app quickly earned some huge amount of users all over the world. If you are fed up with the traditional calling options, Line can serve you better with a wide range of useful features. You could decorate your words with colorful icons and emojis. It also provides a good quality to your calls.

8. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is another good app which you can depend on to make free voice and video calls over the internet. As any other apps on this list, Kakao also offers a wide range of useful tools and functions to make your calls and chats beautiful. All you wanted to do is to create a new account on the Kakao and install the app on your android device. There you get one of the best VOIP options on the internet.

9. VSee

VSee is a well know app for its very less bandwidth usage. the app uses only about 50% bandwidth when compared to Skype. This makes it possible uninterrupted calls even on slow connections. Nevertheless to say that the app has all features as a normal VOIP or video calling app. The stability if the calls have a great role in the uninterrupted communication provided by the VSee. The name of the app itself pronounced as ‘We See’.

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Price: Free

10. Voca

Voca let the users make free calls to the Voca users. But, it has a small charge to make calls to other users. It is very well known as one of the best skype alternative available in the playstore. Voca has relatively affordable and convincing call charges. So, even if you plan to buy Voca credits, it won’t be a loss. It will be very much lower than the usual call rates.

In this article, we listed some of the Best VOIP or Video Chat Apps for Android. It is hard to select a specific one from the list as they are providing some great features to make voice or video calls over the internet. We ordered them based on many factors like features they providing, how popular they are, how do they affect your smartphone performance and their cost. There are many more scaling factors we used for the selection. So, you could easily select one of the best fit for your needs. If you facing any bugs or problems, you can always contact us or comment below. we are always happy to help you with your problem.


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