Meizu Flyme OS 5.0 for MX5 Now Officially Available in India

Meizu, the popular Chinese smartphone maker today released the official version of the Meizu Flyme 5.0 OS for their flagship device, Meizu MX5. The OS is said to be the most stable release of the Flyme OS so far. The new OS coming with the fixes of all previous bugs alongside some new features like smooth transitions and some simple system app layouts. The company trying to provide a better visual experience on the device with the latest update. You can download the update for the MX5 from the link given below.

The new Flyme OS brings 300+ features and 1000+ enhancements to the device which sounds like a huge change for the recent version. As it is an Indian release of the OS, Meizu brings a Boot animation of Taj Mahal and a ringtone dedicated specially for India. It’s a great honor to Indians and they will definitely accept it. Another noticeable change is that the new settings page design layout change of the OS. The OS completely tweaked to output the best visual and performance results from the device.

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The new Flyme OS brings numerous features to the device. Multi-Screen mode which helps to view two different apps on the same screen, Floating Notifications which floats on the screen without disturbing the operations, Batch icon sorting which let you select and move icons in batch mode to different pages, Shake to sort Home screen are all the new features and tweaks made to the Home screen of the OS. These changes provide a complete freshly pressed home screen on the device.

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Moving to the System settings, they made a number of changes there also. The Optimized system speed alongside the tweaked settings let your device operate faster than before. The layout also changed for the best operations on the screen. The battery consumption optimized for a better charge efficiency. Meizu states that 11% more battery left after 5 hours of heavy usage of the phone. All in all, the device performance accelerated to a great extent. It is a wonder that, these much of improvements in a single update of an OS.

The new update also features some improved Security additions like Cache clearing whitelist, Scheduled clearing, Quick scan and one-key optimization etc… The security on the OS re-crafted for building a completely secure environment where your privacy is completely locked. Nevertheless to say that Meizu made changes to almost all features of the OS for engineering a great new update. So, the Flyme OS 5.0 will be the best release for your lovely Meizu MX5 smartphone.

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