10 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

The AZ screen recorder is one of the best useful apps for recording the android screen. It supports the devices which running on Android 5.0 or later versions. The features like Play, Pause will help you record uninterrupted tutorials from your smartphone. AZ screen recorder supports the changes in resolution, frame rate, bit rate. You could adjust them according to your needs. The app can create an overlay of the front facing camera on the recording video. But, it is only available in the Pro version of the application. You have to pay $2.99 to unlock this feature.

SCR screen recorder is another good android screen recorder app that you don’t want to miss. The app supports the Android 4.0 or later versions. But, you may need a root for android versions under 5.0. In addition to screen recording, you could record the audio or even add the front facing camera overlay to the videos. The app uses only a small amount of resources which boosts the performance of the app. Another feature is that the app is available as Free version.

Download the SCR screen Recorder from developers website

3. ilos Screen Recorder

ilos screen recorder showed its uniqueness by avoiding the ads commonly seen on the free recording apps. It also allows the users to record unlimited duration of videos. It supports the android versions later than the Lollipop. The performance also express the popularity of the app. Thousands of users trusting it for the screen recording requirements. It also includes all basic features as the others above.

ilos screen recorder
Price: Free

As the name itself suggests, the Unlimited screen recorder app allows the users to record unlimited duration of screen videos with a great quality. You could also tweak the settings according to your needs. The app creates a dedicated folder the for the recorded videos. Users can find all recorded videos there. If you want a different folder to save the videos, you can do that too.

5. Telecine

Telecine is yet another screen recorder app to fulfill your screen recording needs. The app is one of the highly rated ones on the playstore. Thousands of users already installed the app in their lovely devices. There is a small drawback to the app which the audio is not supported in recording. But, the high-quality video recording compromises this small drawback of the app. All you wanted to do for recording the videos is to tap the record icon on the screen and it will start recording your screen movements.

Price: Free

6. One Shot Screen Recorder

One Shot screen recorder is an easy to use screen recorder app which let you record the screen with 4 easy steps. The app is available both in Free and Pro versions. The Pro version costs a very small $.99. If you are using the free version of the app, there will be a watermark on the video. If you want to remove it, you must upgrade to the pro version. The pro version also provides the ability to impose your own logo, hide the notification icon, remove ads, and many more.

7. Mobizen

Mobizen is a free android screen recorder app available on the google play store. It provides all basic features as the above-shown apps and has a decent video output. It supports so many features including sending SMS from your desktop, transfer files to PC and stream video directly to your computer. The app uses only a small amount of system resources, thus works without affecting the smartphone performance.

The Lollipop Screen Recorder only supports the lollipop version of the android. The app is from the Rivulus studios and has a good rating from the users. It outputs a decent quality video with some great bit rate. The size of the video can be adjusted according to your needs. The app can also record the audio.

9. Mirror

Mirror is another good option you can go for. It allows streaming the video on desktop. A great alternative for the above apps with all features as them. It also supports the All Cast Reciever app which allows to mirror the screen on your desktop. So, you could do almost anything related to the screen recording.

10. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

The Rec. Screen Recorder app let you record long videos up to 1 hour alongside the audio. It has a great video quality output to give you the maximum result out of your recordings. Nevertheless to say that it has all the basic features as the apps listed above.

Rec. (Screen Recorder)
Price: Free+

We prepared this list based on several factors and after testing all of them. So, you could easily select one of them without thinking twice. But, you may select the best fit for your needs based on the features and the pricing of the apps. Some of them are paid ones. So, you may go for the free version or read our article on How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free. If you face any problems feel free to leave comments.


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