5 Best Insurance Apps For Smartphones

Insurance is a great service which can help you out in some disasters or accidental loss. You could select a good insurance company to claim the security yourself or for your belongings. Every insurance company these days has some insurance related apps for smartphones. They make it simpler to apply, renew, or manage your insurances. These apps can also let you insure your valuable memories like important photos and files for future use which may be helpful. So, we listed some of the best insurance apps for smartphones. The apps may belong to some particular claim providers. So, be selective when selecting the insurance app for your smartphone.

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1. Liberty Mutual’s Home Gallery App

Liberty Mutual’s Home Gallery app let you keep a home inventory list. In the case of any damages or disasters, you could easily list out them for your claim. The app has an easy to use interface which lets you manage your claim with ease. The app has the following features.

Features of the Liberty Mutual’s Home Gallery App

  • Capture photos of your belongings within the app.
  • Categorise each item.
  • Add belonging details.
  • Scan item barcode for images or descriptions.
  • Note down the purchase price, date.
  • Take photos of the receipt.
  • Export the inventory as a spreadsheet or PDF for further use.
Price: Free

2. GEICO Insurance App

Geico insurance app is one of the best mobile insurance apps out there. The sleek and user-friendly design and interface make an easy to use and most affordable one for your mobile insurance needs. The app has the following features.

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Features of the GEICO Insurance App

  • Access digital ID cards.
  • Manage your policy claims and related things.
  • A live chat helper like the ‘Siri’ in Apple devices.
  • GEICO’s Accident Guides let you record accident details for filing a claim.
Price: Free

3. Progressive Insurance App

Progressive insurance app is a good option to access to the company’s contemporary art collections and learn more about the artists. The app packs the following features in it.

Features of the Progressive Insurance App

  • Access the details of your collection.
  • Create a slideshow of the inventories.
  • Explore more about the Insurances.
  • Create a gallery.
  • Share your artwork.
Price: Free

4. MoveTools by State Farm App

Apart from the mobile phone insurance app, MoveTools by state farm app let the users to virtually pack and stay organized with the inventories. In the case of any disasters or theft, you could easily file your insurance. The app power packs a number of cool features which let the users to maintain their claims very easily. Some of the app features are listed below.

Features of the MoveTools by State Farm App

  • Inventory management.
  • Easy tools within the app.
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Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

5. MetLife Infinity App

The MetLife Infinity app let you create a digital legacy for family members and friends. Create collections of photos, videos, and documents and save for the future. This app has a good interface and comparatively nice working. It also features some functions.

Features of the MetLife Infinity App

  • Your files collection
  • Save files for future.
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Price: Free


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