Best Call Tracking Database Softwares

Owning a company is a sweet thing. But, managing customers is not that much easy. A lot of tension, customer list management, problem-solving, building connections with them, all creates a huge headache. Here comes the need of a good call tracking database software that can manage your customers and organise the customer list with ease. Further management will be easier than the pen and paper method that we are going with. So, we listed some of the Best call tracking database software, which helps you better manage the customers and serve them better as never before.

1. Customer Call Tracking Database Software

Customer call tracking database software does what the name itself says. Its an all in one solution to create, manage, and organise your customer data with ease. You could manage the list and call histories as never before. There is a bunch of useful tools for creating calls, managing the history and stay updated with them. The features like call timings, status, handlers, etc… help you stay organised with the call content. Gathering information about any customers is a few click away from you. The ease of use and simple functionalities make it the No. 1 of this list.

2. Ameyo

Ameyo is also a good customer call tracking software to consider. It’s an IP-based customer call center or contact center software that can manipulate your calls without missing even a single detail regarding the call. It power packs almost all features as the above one with the addition of some other useful tools. Ameyo provides seamless customer interaction to better manage and stay updated with your customer data. The customer experience will be driven to a next level with the use of this amazing call center solution.

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3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is yet another customer call tracking database software which already made thousands of clients happy with their customers. The easy to use software packs some useful tools for giving the extreme ease for managing the softwares. It consists of numerous features for solving problems of your customers. All in one solution is provided in an easy and effective manner. It seamlessly works with the channels like email, phone and chat, social media, etc… It boosts the productivity of the company by providing better interactions with the customers. Nevertheless to say that it has all the basic features as the above-given ones.

4. CyCC

CyCC is also a good call tracking database solution for managing your customers with ease. CyCC let you manage telephone, emails, faxes, web chats, web call-backs, SMS. All helps to better organise the customer data with ease. Having this in your business will save you a ton of time for managing your customers. It has a yet comprehensive process and options which can be handled even by beginners. You could send emails, create calls and faxes, participate in web chats with your customers to increase the productivity of the company. Having this service will help you better stay updated with your customer data.

5. PrimoDialler

PrimoDialler is an all in one cloud contact center for managing the customers and make them happy with the frequent interactions and problem-solving. Having this service is a necessity for almost all types of businesses. It has an advanced VOIP Dialler system for having a live interaction with the customers. This is a great plus point of the PrimoDialler service. It increases the popularity of the service to a great extent. PrimoDialler also has all the basic features as we listed in the above services. It provides a 24/7 call center solution which ever goes out of reach.

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If you really need a better solution for managing your customers with ease, a call tracking database software might be the right solution for that. We listed some of the best services that are at the top of their reliability and features. So, choose one of them that better fits your needs after looking at the pricing table. Some of them are charged based on a per customer basis and some of them per month or annum basis. Go for the best to make your business more productive.


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