6 Reasons: Why You Should Buy The Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation?

Apple upgraded their iPod Touch to the 6th generation, few months back. After the release, there are lot of talks over the internet about how worth is this new Apple iPod Touch 6th generation in this Smartphone and Gears era. The supporters says having a smartphone for hearing music is not needed while you can do that with this handy, compact iPod Touch.

     6 Reasons : Why you should buy the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation ?

Reason 1 – This Apple iPod Touch 6th generation has iOS 8.4 which can be upgraded to iOS 9 and supports Apple music. This is one main feature in this latest iPod. Latest OS with Apple music support is really a great thing in iPod. This is also the most wanted thing among previous version iPod users.

Reason 2 –  It has 4 storage options to buy. You can choose from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB variants based on your requirement. So, there is no restriction over storage in this new iPod. Only thing is you should make your decision wisely before you buy. I think 16GB is not good for many of us. 16GB storage can be reached soon easily with few music collections. So, for moderate users may go for 32GB, others have to pick from 64GB or 128GB.

Reason 3 – It has the same processor of iPhone 6. The new A8 chip found in the iPhone 6 is used in this iPod. So, this iPod performs lot better than expected. It also has 1GB RAM, which is capable of running Games in ipod.

Reason 4 – It has  a 8MP iSight camera with aperture f/2.4. It produce high quality photos. It can also capture 720p videos.

Reason 5 – We all know about the build quality of Apple products. This iPod is none less in quality than iPhones. It has Retina display with 1136 x 640 pixels resolution. Build quality is perfect. Other brands that producing iPod equivalents are not having good build quality. Other brands sell at low price and so the quality is also low.

Reason 6 – iPod 6th generation is not iPhone 6, but it do many things that iPhone 6 can do. Looking at the price of iPhone 6, this iPod is very affordable and can fulfill many of your wish you can do with iPhone. iPod Touch 6th generation pays real value for your bucks. Check the price below.

Price – Check and Buy from Amazon USA and Amazon India.

16GB –  US $192  ; India – Rs.15,999

32GB –  US $235  ; India – Rs.18,999

64GB –  US $303 ; India – Rs.26,000

128GB –US $499


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