7 Weeks – Habit & Goal Tracker App Review

It’s not that much easy to develop a new habit. It takes a long time to make it possible. Charles Duhigg’s wrote a book, “The Power of Habit” which states the power of habit and the habit creation. There is also the X effect method of completing goals. Based on these two theories, some app developers created a new app namely 7 Weeks – Habit & Goal Tracker App that helps the users to develop new habits within 7 weeks. As the name itself suggests, it is a habit and goal tracker where the users can set goals and track them.

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7 Weeks - Habit & Goal Tracker App Review 7 Weeks - Habit & Goal Tracker App 7 Weeks - Habit & Goal Tracker

After creating a goal, all you wanted to do is to simply mark the date where the goals are completed. Continue this for the 49 days regarded as 7 weeks. If you continue to do this for this period continuously, you might be able to make it a daily habit. The intention of the app has a strong scientific base. Scientists are stating that the continuous tasks at a particular interval can automatically turn it a habit. And based on the theories the developers decided to make a sweet app which can pull the tasks to a habit.

7 Weeks - Habit and Goal Tracker App Review 7 Weeks - Habit and Goal Tracker App 7 Weeks - Habit and Goal Tracker

7 Weeks – Habit & Goal Tracker App has a yet comprehensive and simple design featuring a number of themes. Easily break your laziness to do something regularly. This is a good tool to have in your smartphone for doing your tasks as a habit. It also features some reminders for reminding you about your goals and habits. No problem even if you have forgotten to check the stats and details of your goals. The automated notifications will notify you about the goals and task. So, sit back and develop new habits.

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Habit and Goal Tracker App Habit and Goal Tracker

7 Weeks – Habit & Goal Tracker App Features

  • Home Screen Widgets
  • Numerous themes and color variations
  • Customizability for goals and habits
  • Custom notes each day for the habits and goals
  • Alarms for the habits
  • Easy goal and habit management
  • Can set custom days for your goal even more than 49 days.

What’s New

7 Weeks – 3.2.1 :
  • A lot of bug fixes!
    • Alarms now are much more reliable and it have snooze / complete features directly from them.
    • Widgets no longer go blank after a short period.
    • Performance improvements and other small features.


7 Weeks – Habit & Goal Tracker App is the sweet spot for developing a habit right around 7 weeks. The fully functional home widget will make it simpler to analyze the tasks and goal completion. The next 49 days will create a change in you habits. So, don’t hesitate to install the app your smartphone. You can download the 7 Weeks Habit and Goal Tracker App from the following link

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