Locate iTunes Library File, Change Backup Location & Delete iTunes Duplicates in Windows 10

iTunes usually gets installed in the C drive, unless the user chooses otherwise. However, there are some disadvantages of installing iTunes in the default installation location as the backup itself is stored in the same location. A Windows corruption can cause irreversible damage and loss of iTunes data in this case. So it is wise to change the location for backing up data.

Locating iTunes on your Windows-based PC as well as changing the iTunes backup location is a very easy job that can be easily accomplished within minutes. Let’s take a look at the procedure to do so. In the meanwhile, you will also discover how to eliminate duplicate songs located in the iTunes library in Windows 10 or previous versions.

In order to make it simple and easy for the readers, we will be splitting the tutorial into 3 different portions.

1- How to Locate iTunes Library File?

  1. Click on the Start menu and go to My Computer. For Windows 8/8.1/10 simply open File Explorer or This PC.
  2. Open C drive and then the “Users” folder.
  3. Now open the folder that represents your username.
  4. Double click on My Music and finally open the iTunes folder.

2- Choose A Different Place to Backup

  1. Open the drive where you want to create iTunes backup. Now create another folder titled “Backup” or any name you prefer.
  2. Now open Command Prompt by pressing Windows + R key and then typing cmd in the box.
  3. Once the Command Prompt has been launched, type in the following command

    mklink /J “%APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup” “D:\Backup”

         (D:\Backup is given here with the assumption that you are creating the backup in D

         drive. Similarly, user the exact name of the newly created folder if you named it


  1. To test this, you can delete your old backup folder, connect your Apple device to the PC and see that the new backup will be created in the folder you just specified.

3- How to Delete iTunes Duplicates in Windows 10?

iTunes duplicates are of two types. The first kind of dupes is identical songs having same content whereas the second type is similar kind of songs which have the same names, durations, file sizes, albums or artist names. People come up with the desire to weed out both kinds of dupes from their music library in Windows 10. Finding and deleting the same songs with the same content is easy. However, when it comes to labelling duplicates or triplicates based on music tags, the job gets tricky. Here are important steps to make it easier for you to deal with identical music tracks in your iTunes library.

Open iTunes > Music > Library > Then Playlists > Hit the NAME column to sort all tracks in the alphabetical order. Now click on View and then Click on Show All Duplicate iTems.

Now you will see a list of all the duplicates, and you have the option to review and then remove them manually. If your music library is huge, this may not be a practical approach as it can be particularly time-consuming. In such cases, you can rely on a third-party tool such as Clone Files Checker iTunes Duplicate Finder. It can automatically scan for and then remove tons of dupes based on the settings you specify, all in a flash.

Download Duplicate Finder

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