UMi Touch Pre-Order Started

UMi Touch was one of the most expected devices by UMi. Ending the eagerness, the device is now available to be pre-ordered. After many speculations and rumors, recently the company had announced the UMi Touch Specs and Details. It looked amazing with a 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM alongside a Full HD display. The design of device looked very much pretty like an iPhone especially the curvy back side edges. The device is seen to be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 rival with almost similar features. The full metallic body, large battery capacity, fingerprint sensor all looks identical to the Xiaomi device.

The company has announced some offers for the Pre-Orders including a special $70 coupon for selected orders. They announced the winners on their website and also emailed them about the win. UMi also conducted a VIP flash sale for $109.99 which ended now. Another special offer include $149.99 which is to be end today. So, don’t waste your time if you really wanna grab the device. If you are late, the price will be again stretched to $179.99. But they offers a free flip cover with the order.

The offers are exclusive to some online stores including, Banggood, Tomtop, Coolicool, etc… They are the UMi touch global licenced stores trusted by UMi. If you gonna grab the Touch now, choose one of the above stores for a better experience. The orders will be delivered within the specified amount of time according to the seller you have chosen.

UMi touch was mostly expected for its full metallic body made of CNC metal. The smooth finish in the design has also attracted the users pretty much. The fingerprint sensor to deliver extreme secure environment on the device was also taken the views. A 4000mAh big battery is also a good plus point to the device. The battery is specially designed in a thin and lighter way without compromising the storage capacity in any manner. Thus, it is tough enough to carry the Touch whole day.

Anyways, the UMi touch is yet to be reached the users hands. UMi lovers are eagerly waiting for the new family member with some good features for an affordable price range. Some of the online stores still offering the device for a discounted price range. If you are looking for buying the device, don’t waste your time. Go and grab the device from any of the trusted sources of the UMi devices.

via UMi

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