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Hello, everyone. We are very excited to say you, we reached the SURGE conference 2016 to grab some great information and news for you. We will be walking around the SURGE conference halls, and if you found us somewhere give a shake-hand. As we are very few members reached there, we will be able to cover only a few important areas of the SURGE. But, we will update our website frequently with each bit of information we get. Our team will be roaming around different sections to cover the most important one’s for you.

There are many big entrepreneurs reaching the Bengaluru for having a seat on the stage. So, we also ensured our seat to cover them live. Nicolas Brusson, Dave McClure, Sachin Bansal, Rohit Bansal, all are some huge businessmen all around the world. So, having a conversation with them may be a turning point in anyone’s life. We are planning to have interviews with some of them. But, don’t know if it happen or not. If we got someone, we will ask everything what you have to. You can leave comments as questions, and we will include them in our question sheet.

We will be covering all main technology startups in the conference and will be publishing live reports and images on this website. If anyone of you needed to cover your startup at SURGE, feel free to contact us. We will be considering your startup on our schedule. As there are hundreds of startups already booked their place on the stage, we are unable to cover all of them. But we will try our best to cover most of them.

There are 100,000 people all around the world will meet in the SURGE conference. As the SURGE team saying, they were started from just 400 attendees and now reached hundreds of times better number. So, we will be hopefully waiting for you among the huge crowd. So, be there.

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