Facebook Launched New Reaction Feature

Giving a like for the favorites gone a trend on the facebook. All loves to see your likes for increasing the count to shine between the friends. Until the last week, there was only a single button to express all your emotions like joy, sad, love and angry. You were actually adjusted with it by tapping the like for any emotion you have. But, the things have changed now. Facebook recently launched a new face to the like button. They added 5 more emotions called “reactions” alongside the same like button. Though, they implemented a better opportunity of expressing the real thought in users mind.

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As you can see, there are 5 new cute reactions including love, haha, wow, sad, and angry emotions. They look pretty much fit for the emotions of a human being. After a long time, facebook made a revolutionary change to the like button. Initially, the feature will be available for any platforms as PC, android and ios users. Just move the hand or cursor over the like button. Then, press and hold it until the new members pop up. Now, you have a total of 6 ways to express the emotions for your neighbours selfie or your girlfriends birthday party pics.

“Today Is Our Worldwide Launch Of Reactions — The New Like Button With More Ways To Express Yourself.

Not Every Moment You Want To Share Is Happy. Sometimes You Want To Share Something Sad Or Frustrating. Our Community Has Been Asking For A Dislike Button For Years, But Not Because People Want To Tell Friends They Don’t Like Their Posts. People Wanted To Express Empathy And Make It Comfortable To Share A Wider Range Of Emotions.”

said Zuckerberg.

As Zuck said, people don’t like to see their friends disliked their photos. So, facebook gone for a better option than the dislike button. People always don’t have the same happy feeling. They want to express their joy, sadness, angry and everything they like. So, facebook opened a wider area for that. As an initiative, they implemented this on mobile devices and now, it is available for all. They has been collecting the user reports and responses to decide whether to continue or discontinue the feature.

Facebook reactions

The Love button is always better than the simple like button for your friends birthday pictures. The Angry button is a better fit for an image that making you angry. So, the facebook got the exact point and put forward a nice way of expressing the emotions of the users. So, we may expect some improvements in the coming days.

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