Top 10 Uses for Tablets that Makes it Worthy

Tablets are no more the rare technology piece. Everywhere they have found their seats. In your work table, business halls, travel bags and everywhere it has a place. Ever wondered how worthy it is in your daily life? Or could you make it more productive. Well, wonder no more. Here we listed some of the best uses for tablets that makes it even worthier than your workstation. So, let’s have a look.

1. A Good Second Screen

You have been woking on your computer for long and searching for a second monitor to drag your extra windows to work with ease. If you own a tablet, no more search for a costly second screen. You can hook it up to your workstation with the help of a couple of apps and use it as a good second screen. The lightweight device can make your eye on latest emails, notes and important information. So that make your tab more productive when using as a second screen of your PC.

2. For Home Automation

Smart homes are increasing day by day. Alongside the smart people, homes are also going automated with the technology. How would it be if you could lock and unlock your doors using your tablets? Yes, I am serious. You could do so. The home automation made simple using the small device in your hands. Alongside a couple of gadgets available on the market, you could easily turn your home into a smart home. Then it would be like a heaven to live in your sweet home. Just hold your tablet and control your whole home.

3. Replacement to the Books

Google Play Magazines, Kindle, Newsstand and all are on your tablets. So, the books are gone an old tale. You tab replaced an entire library of almost all creations in the world. Never need to reach library to grab a newly arrived book. All you wanted to do is to browse it on some apps. It has a gone a trend using the tablets instead of those paper books. So, the Tab got the honor there too.

4. A Security Camera

A security camera doesn’t sounds like a set up only for catching those thieves enters your house at midnight. You could use it more wisely to get rid of many things. For example, if your small daughter plays in the hall and you have some urgent work in the kitchen. What will you do now? Call a babysitter? No, there is a better to be smart. Your tablet can act like a security cam that streams the real-time video to any of other devices like PC or Smart TV. With the use of a couple of apps, you could take care of your baby and food both at a time.

5. Transform into a Universal Remote Controller

Tablets are no more only tablets. They are becoming smart and smarter each day. It can control the whole house as I said before. But, what about the peripherals? Yes, it can. You could easily use it as a remote controller for your TV, PC and even for the Home Theater. The large device makes it easier for managing the components than the small android smartphone. It also adds one to the uses for tablets.

6. A Note-Book

If you are a speed typist, and you feel the keyboards are comfier than the pen and paper, tablets are the best way to replace your notebook. Taking notes are pretty much simpler in your tablet. With the support of auto-correcting keyboards and dictionary, you could note down everything with ease.

7. A Great Creativity Tool

Creativity has travelled a lot of distance out of the paper. It’s all gone to the digital era for the extreme level of creativity. There is no limit for the creativity skills you can express on your tablets. Your digital drawings, creative music, edited images all can make you feel proud of yourself. The uses for tablets went a craze for producing your own talents through the virtual world.

8. A Portable Gaming Center

The device in your travel bag secretly includes a gaming center. Put it out with right apps and tools in front of your friends. Reveal your skills on games, in front of your cousins and friends. You don’t need to take that heavy laptop everywhere. Be sure to put the tab in your backpack and you have a gaming center with you throughout the journey.

9. The Simplest Workstation

Having a computer is a necessity these days. But, why go for that monster that consumes a lot of space in your home? The tablets are the simplest workstations that you could ever own. While reaching smartphones, it is not suitable for your faster typing and easier tasks. The tablets puts the whole features inside. So, the uses for tablets increased considerably.

10. A Lean Traveller

While travelling, it is always irritating to carry that heavy laptop and charge it frequently. If you own a tablet that lasts many times better than the laptops and many times leaner and smaller, it makes the worthiness at your hands. You could do almost anything that you are doing with your laptop or computer. No, need for the laptops anymore. All you wanted is that small device in your backpack. Easier to carry, longer usage time, light weight design all makes the uses for tablets the worthiest.


Never again miss the highly productive features of your device that makes the use for tablets the worthiest. Have the device and grab some great features right in your hands. If you feel your tablets are not worthier as for the money you have spent for it, it is the time to try the above-listed methods to feel proud yourself for owning a productive and useful device. If you only want to use it for reading some books or browsing some websites, that’s fine. Or if you want the wider world of productivity, it is the time to transform your tablets.

Muhammed Swalih is a Blogger by profession who also has a great taste in Web Development, SEO, Graphic Designing, etc.

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