Candy Camera Review

Candy Camera is an app that let you take amazing selfies right from your smartphone. No matter, how functional your device is. The app can optimize the filters and beauty to produce the best out of your front facing camera. With the app, you could take beautiful selfies anywhere anytime. No need to go for a secondary image editing tool. The app can do the task even before taking selfies. Thousands of filters and effects empower photos to look like never before. The diverse range of filters specially built for the selfies comprises inside.

The camera has everything you want including, a mute mode, automatic saving of the original photo, tons of filters, filter stacking, Geo-tagging, live preview, a lot of adjustments and everything up and down. Nevertheless to say that it has each and every feature as the normal camera app. The silent camera feature let you take silent selfies in calm conditions. Never again make your entire device silent just to take a selfie. The Candu camera’s silent mode will only turn off the camera sound, and the device sounds remain untouched.

Candy Camera-1 Candy Camera-2 Candy Camera-3

To change between filters all you wanted to is to swipe between the screen. You probably get bored swiping again and again with hundreds of filters. You will get a live preview right on the screen without going for a second swipe. Swipe right or left. When you found the right one of your choice, it is the time to click the shot. And you will own a good selfie of your own. Show off your selfies to your friends to shine yourself. Never again feel shy of your own selfies. The candy camera can make you stand out with your selfies.

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Not only the effects and filters, but there are numerous stickers available on the app. Take a selfie with a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. With a snow statue on the way to Antarctica, with a daemon to scare your friends. The app supports all just a few finger taps away.

Candy Camera Features

  • Numerous Filters for Selfies
  • High quality shooting
  • Beauty functions to enhance photos
  • Added Stickers
  • Silent camera
  • Collage feature for multiple photos

What’s New

  • Collage sticker UX improvement & new grids
  • Settings and UI altered
  • Material design applied
  • Fixed photo rotation bugs
  • Collage bugs fixed
  • Sticker Store Release
  • Skin Smoothing Mode
  • Christmas theme & stickers
  • One-touch sticker rotation and resizing
  • New filters added
  • Optimized for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Lightning engine with 300% more performance
  • Supports UHD 4K high-quality image shooting
  • Fixed black screen bugs


Taking beautiful selfies are no more far away from your fingers. The Candy camera power packs everything you want to take stunning selfies and photos. So, give it a try in your next play store visit.


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