Flymemo BH03 Hammer Athlete Bluetooth Headset Review

At the first look itself, I loved the Flymemo BH03 Hammer Athlete Bluetooth headset. Especially, the bright colors punching out into the eyes in a delightful way. It designed to the extreme with a good quality and powerful sound output. All makes the BH03 a real athletic headset. The Bluetooth 4.0 headset have a built-in mic for providing the calling without taking your smartphone from the pocket. The first look at the headset will give you an elegant fashionable design with two different colors stitched nicely. Ear pieces are built for really fitting inside the ears without discomfort to the users. There are much more to explore regarding the device. So, let’s look into the Flymemo BH03 Hammer Athlete Bluetooth Headset Review.

Flymemo BH03 Hammer Athlete Bluetooth Headset Design

Flymemo, the producers of the headset, implemented a great but simple design on the product. The volume up and down buttons are placed on both sides of the pause / play button that can also be used for controlling phone calls. Comfortable earpieces are also another attraction of the Hammer athlete. Both of them connected with a nicely designed smooth cable that holds them together in a friendly manner. No way to get troubled each other because it is very easy to carry due to the comparatively tiny and short design.

Flymemo Hammer Green Earphones


It’s available in many color variants, mainly the light yellowish green color and the reddish brown color. Both of the dresses it in a nice way thus outputting a good design. When compared to the normal headsets, the Flymemo BH03 Hammer Athlete looks pretty simple and short. It just has two earpieces that connected by a short cable which joins the both edges of the buttons. All in all, it’s a good tiny, elegant and lightweight product to listen something.

Flymemo BH03 Hammer Athlete Bluetooth Headset Build Quality and Usability

Surprisingly, the product comes with a voice command feature that notifies the users when the device paired, battery low, or powered off. It’s a unique one that can’t be seen on regular headsets. The build looks pretty tough with a fibre body that can resist small drops even from heights.

Pairing the device is just three seconds away by holding the power button on the product. The LED light will flash ones the device paired successfully. Sometimes you may need a pairing code for the device. In the case just provide “0000” as the code, and it will get you connected. Then, just browse the songs and enjoy the high-quality sound that optimised bass and noise. It well works with almost all smartphones regardless of brand.

Flymemo Hammer Green

Flymemo BH03 Hammer Athlete Bluetooth Headset has a great adjustable sound even in a very high loudness. So, adjusting them can give a better feel. Although, I am strongly recommending you to only hear music at a medium level because the loudness can badly affect your hearing capacity.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Light-weight design
  • Great Bass levels
  • Stylish design
  • Robust features


  • Sound can’t be tweaked


The product is priced around $29.99, and it sounds like a good pricing for this one. As it comes with some unique features like voice commands it’s not a bargainable rate. A great design added to the comfy feel also boosting the features at a great extent. Owning it may be a good option because this kind of headsets costs some more than this one. But, some of them are also available in this range. Opting this, won’t be a bad idea. So, give a try to this stylish, elegant headset in your next shopping.

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