Smarty Charger: More than a Charger

Smarty charger is a life saver that had recently arrived on the market as a replacement for those regular lazy chargers. It helps to charge the devices in a faster way by optimizing the battery performance. As per the reports and company statements, it can also act as a power bank that increases the battery life of smartphones by 50-300%. If there is no power, no worries. Just connect the mobile devices with the charger using the USB cable provided. It will act as a power bank and charge smartphones within minutes of time.

It’s interesting to see a charger that can also act as a power bank for charging in necessary situations. No need to go for a power bank. The Smarty charger can do the job. The easy to use gadget can charge multiple devices at the same time. The indicator display on the charger notifies about the remaining charge left, charging, discharging etc… The lightweight design also makes it possible to carry it on your journey. No need to put it on the plug for filling the charge. It is smart enough to charge its battery alongside the connected device at the same time.


More than a simple charger, it has some scientific ways to protect your devices from theft. This smart charger has a GPS tracker that helps to find out the stolen devices. If the device was connected with the charger, at least, a single time, no worries. It stores the UIN and IMEI of the device. Once the device is misplaced or stolen and connected to an identified device, it will start emitting a signal that helps to track it using GPS. It also delivers the sim card number thus making it easy to identify the correct device.

The Smarty charger is a revolutionary product that must be owned for replacing many of the peripherals of the smartphone. As it delivers a security system too, it is very likely to have it instead of that power bank and charger that works lazily.

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